An Autumnal Trentham Estate Engagement Shoot


Mel got in touch after seeing my photographs from a friends wedding on Facebook. We met three days prior to the wedding that I’d just shot and grabbed a coffee to talk about their special day in 2 years time. Straight from the off I knew that we’d get a long like a house on fire. They’re both incredible nice people and it’ll be great to photograph their wedding.

In the mean time they booked in for an engagement shoot at the Trentham Estate. After our first planned date being cancelled due to an unexpected black eye for Adam from Rugby we re-planned and met at a beautiful time for the colour of the trees as they were just turning over Autumn. Capturing the current season in my photographs is really important to me and something that I love to do. Photography makes you appreciate the beauty of these times of year a lot more than I did before I was doing this.

I’m always keen to meet in the early morning or late afternoon as the light is always better and the amount of people frequenting these beautiful places is much lower. We decided to rise early and meet at the Trentham Estate at 9:30. The gardens which never fail to impress looked beautiful and it was just a matter of capturing this with Mel and Adam centre stage.

We had a lot of fun and it’s amazing how many shots you can snap in just 1 hour!


How many photographs were delivered?

Mel & Adam’s Trentham Estate Engagement Shoot delivered 124 photographs. Scroll down to see a glimpse of the best bits.I’m a Stoke-on-Trent wedding photographer who often venture further afield. If you are interested in having me photograph your wedding or engagement shoot, then head over to my contact page to chat. View other Blogs here. View another Trentham Estate blog here.



This blog has been written by Adam Lowndes of Adam Lowndes – Photography a Staffordshire Wedding Photographer