Engagement Shoot at Hanchurch Woods | Stefanie & Rick

Stef, my sister asked me if I would photograph her and her husband Rick in and around Hanchurch Woods to give their final days in the area a bit of send off. This was a post wedding shoot as they’d actually been married for a number of years but when it comes to it it’s just styled the exact same way I would style my engagement shoots.

They are soon to move on to a new adventure in a whole new country, well sort of, I mean Wales is a country but the way I put that sentence makes it sound exotic. Imagine sheep wearing sun glasses and bathing in beautiful lakes and I think that’s how exotic it may get. Anyway she was keen to capture some physical memories of their time living near Hanchurch Woods, like I always say, our memories are only so good so why not document such a defining moment in life.

All my couples know that I try my hardest to keep them comfortable during a shoot and that’s what makes them relax and be natural. Well you should really try doing that with you’re own family. You’d think the awkwardness would be more apparent with a couple I don’t know but it’s actually surprisingly easy to photograph strangers. They eventually behaved and we managed to capture some awesome photos and I only went and ticked off a goal to shoot in a rapeseed field!

A lot of people get pent up about posing and it’s a real mission to calm them down and just make them be themselves. I do minimal posing as no matter how hard I try I’ll get you to pose like you, you’ll just end up posing like a pose if that makes sense.

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