An Ironbridge Engagement Shoot | Jessica & Adam



On a beautiful Autumn morning I set off to meet Adam & Jessica for their Ironbridge Engagement Shoot. 

I chose an Ironbridge Engagement Shoot as it’s near-ish to where Adam & Jessica live and with the type of place that it is it has an endless opportunity for photographs. As I’ve spoke about before I often scout locations online first and this time was no different, well it kind of was. I had a scout on the ground this time, a dear friend let me know that the main attraction, the bridge was actually down for repairs during my planned day for the shoot. Scaffolding had been erected and it was apparently going to be there for some time. Considering the day I’d chosen was the day the clocks had changed then I didn’t want to chance leaving it longer so that it got colder or the sun dropped more.

I got there a good hour early and walked a proposed path looking for all the photographic opportunities so that once Adam & Jessica arrived we could get on with their shoot. I managed to find some shortcuts so we could fit even more in. Adam, Jessica and I had only Skyped once before when they initially enquired so it was fantastic to finally meet them and build an even bigger foundation with them for their wedding. As I always ramble on about, it’s so important that you have a great relationship with your photographer as it helps you and them relax a lot more on the wedding day enabling the photographer to capture some fantastic natural photographs.

Normally for my engagement shoots I’ll propose that we meet early or late afternoon so that we don’t have a lot of people walking into the backs of shots and also so that you don’t feel weird standing for a photograph whilst a 6,7ft giant lies on the floor in front of you. Yeah people often stare at me when I do that. Adam & Jessica were real stars, we couldn’t meet in the morning or the afternoon so we had to go with the busy midday hustle and bustle. As expected there was a fair few people there but the couple took it all in their stride looking as relaxed as ever for every shot, it must’ve been my warm and welcoming ora haha.

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