New Year and My Father’s 60th Birthday

New Year New Ewe

After I’d finished my last wedding and I’d sent over the Sneak Peeks the next day it was time to set off to Wales to stay with my sister and Brother in-Law for some post Christmas fun.

She lives in a tiny village not too far from Newtown and has a lovely home where mobile signal ceases to work and nature just swallows you up. As I’ve said to her many a time I actually feel myself relax a little bit more when I get near to their home. There is just something so peaceful about Mid-Wales. The vast emptiness of it and simplicity of everything is a lovely turn off from the busier life I lead.

Making sure not to plan too much we just let the time unfold whilst playing impromptu board games and going out to walk the dogs amongst the sheep and an occasional ostrich! This is such an awesome time as I usually take a detox from social media also so I honestly forget the time of day regularly and just leave all regiment behind.

In true style we had a chilled out NYE with Ticket To Ride, Homemade Pesto Pasta and my parents falling asleep before the clock strikes ten let alone midnight.  Then we saw the New Year in with the always very judged Jools Holland Hootenanny.

60 Years of Christopher

So on the 2nd of January my father turned the big 6-0!

A lovely day of wandering around our favourite local spots drinking beer, eating cake and then eating burritos once home. Just another very simple day with the added extras of fun.

I’m massive believer in not buying unnecessary stuff for birthdays. Our obsessive compulsions to purchase physical objects which are often unwanted and under used is bad for the environment and our finances. This is why I’m such a massive believer in gifting an experience instead. I booked GYG Karting for my fathers birthday and we made the trip on the 3rd of January to race together with my brother. GYG is a massive name in the karting circuit and actually hosts the British championships every year so it was awesome to drive beyond our capabilities around this awesome track.

For my father’s big present though we all headed to my sisters friend’s converted chapel home for a dining experience. They run a supper club called Feasts & Fables. The basic way to explain it is you go to someone’s home and they cook you your dinner and you pay for it in the end. Like a restaurant but less crowded and loads more attentive with a much better atmosphere.

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