Handmade Story Books from QT Albums

For a good while I’ve been looking and searching for a new book supplier and I’m super excited that I’ve finally found one. I’ll be working with the fabulous QT Albums to bring you insanely beautiful Handmade Story Books that capture the best day of your lives.


Why I’ve chosen QT Albums

There are a million and one photo album companies out there so it was quite a challenge to settle with one. I was recommended QT Albums by one of my friends from a photography network that I am in. At first on the surface their albums looked fantastic but there business looked like any other. It was only when I started to dig a little deeper that I fell in love with them and the way they do business. I’m a big believer in supporting smaller business’ as I am myself a small business but more importantly I like the idea of keeping small business’ going because they’re all living out their dream. There’s not many people who start out a small business to become a millionaire, they mainly do it because they want to live their passion everyday and get paid for it. Although QT Albums is probably not considered a small business they do have a personal touch to the way they do things. The founder personally answers technical design questions in a private group on Facebook, if that isn’t commitment I don’t know what is. People constantly mentioned about how their customer service was fantastic and within seconds of my first email I had a detailed friendly response on how to proceed.

So other than their awesome vibe and there amazing customer service it’s time to actually talk about the main reason why I chose them, THE PRODUCT! Now to say the video below get’s me excited is an understatement. Give it a watch now then come back to reading this. The craftsmanship and care taken by all the workers in the video is exceptional and a truly beautiful art. The choice of materials machinery and design techniques are stunning showing just how much research they team at QT Albums put into their product. I truly care so much about delivering something that is unique and special to my clients and I believe that QT Albums are of the same mindset.



So how much are they?

They start from as little as £252 for a 20 spread (40 pages) book  but the multitude of different options that you can choose from is endless and one of the many reasons I chose QT was because of their endless customisations available. The team of designers are so awesome that they will even consider designs and customisations that don’t follow there rules or guidelines, that’s dedication for you! Get in touch here for a brochure.