Wedding at Stafford’s Weston Hall | Laura & Matt

On Saturday the 16th of July 2017 I attended the perfect Stafford wedding of Matthew and Laura at the forever friendly St. Thomas’ Church, Penkhull and the characterful Weston Hall wedding venue in Stafford.

It’s so awesome to get a recommendation from someone to do someone else’s Wedding Photography. I think what makes that even better is when the person recommending the other are family. More to the fact Sister and Brother. Matthew’s sister Sylvi got married a good while ago now and was one of the first few weddings that I shot on my own. So when it came to Matthew & Laura’s deciding on their own wedding photography, they definitely wanted a chat about what I could create for them.

Having that foundation already in place really does launch the photographs to a higher place. I always talk to my couples about how important our relationship is when shooting your wedding. If you were to book me over email and I just showed up on your day lets face it, that would be a bit awkward. Couple that together with a day where there is literally no time for introductions and you have the epitome of “awks” (that’s what the cool kids say right?). To add to that foundation I arranged to go round to Matthew and Laura’s when they were deciding and then once just before their wedding day. From Matthew and Laura’s first contact my door is always open to chat, we exchanged ideas and our personalities so that when it came to capturing their day at Weston Hall, it was a breeeeeeze.

For the meeting the week before the wedding where we work out timings etc we decided to meet at St. Thomas’ church where the service would be held. The Rev. was very keen to meet me which can sometimes be a bit of a red flag as normally a photographer has shot there before and gone over the top and ruined it for everyone. I was lucky that it was actually the opposite. The Rev. was very pro-photographer, he told me about his past life as a Wedding Photographer and how much admiration he had for people who still do it. He gave me some great pointers about where would be best to go, now normally I tend to like working from my angle with these things but he said that I could go within the choir seating inside the chancel which is unheard of. I sat in my seat for 90% of the service and was able to capture photographs all from my seat rather than going from each side of the nave to the other trying to get the different angles of the face.

I was watching Inception a couple of nights before the wedding and thought about this awesome idea. I always take photographs of people holding my instax photographs and it is a little bit cliché but it’s fun to do and something a little different. So I thought lets take that to another level and have a photograph within a photograph within a photograph, see the Inception angle now?


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