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A Stately Home Wedding in Cheshire | Steph & Tom

Blistering Sun at a Statley Home Wedding

I met Steph and Tom in June last year for coffee to discuss their stately home wedding. They were due to marry in Summer 2019 and needed a photographer for the job! Luckily I was available and so up for the party. After realising we shared many past times and similiar likes it almost seemed a no brainer. I still never count my chickens though and was made up when Steph and Tom asked me to photograph their Cheshire wedding.

Upon arrival in the morning, Steph and her Bridesmaids were pretty much ready to go a cool 2 hours before the service. I was impressed but then had to fill the time with equally great work when I had no makeup or hair to photograph. Navigating the situation we managed to capture some awesome portraits and had a real laugh together. Once Steph was in her Tiffany’s Wardrobe dress we were able to grab a few more as we had some time to spare at a not so normally time rich part of the day. Capturing her reflection in a mirror whilst her attention was elsewhere was definitely my favourite shot of the morning. 

Tom as chilled out as ever but rather toaster in his woollen waistcoat from Chaplains suddenly announced to me 10 minutes before the service he’d left the rings at home. Thus begins the Bestman and groomsmen quest to drive home and bring them back. Starting only 15 minutes late, the ordeal was still a great talking point and led to some great laughter in the service and throughout the day. 

With 120 guests this was definitely one of my fuller guest lists and I whole-heartedly enjoyed the chances to slip into the background of the stately home every now and again giving my candid game some great resource to create with.

Couples Portraits in 5-10 Minutes

I always talk to my couples about the fact we’ll get some great portraits for them with little to no time. 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there. If we go off for an hour straight away and leave the guests then I always feel we ruin the tempo of the day and also just get the same looking stuff as the light is all the same.

My favourite moment on this day was when myself, Steph and Tom were waiting outside the Library for guests to appear for the wedding breakfast. I noticed there was a small corridor to nowhere but at the end the last pain of stained glass was just catching the light so beautifully. A few quick snaps here then just before they did a receiving line I asked people to give me to seconds whilst I caught one in the Library with the insane backdrop. Little 5 minute moments which have made some stellar portraits. 

A Stately Home Wedding Day Slideshow

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Steeped in History at a Stately Home Wedding

I often find shooting at a stately home to be a little overwhelming sometimes. There is just so much choice inside and around the grounds. Where do you even start? Recently I’ve just been picking key areas which are striking towards me on the day. Maybe they’ve caught the light in an interesting way or maybe if I’ve been there before I’m only just seeing them from a certain angle.

Having too much choice when being a Cheshire wedding photographer isn’t a bad thing though. It means I can return to the same venue time and time again and always grab something different. If you look at the photographs then you’ll see such a varied look to them and this is all to do with my willingness to create fresh work and the vast expanse of the stately home.