Best Wedding Venues In & Around Stoke-on-Trent

My Wedding Venue Knowledge Unlocked

With over 10 years of wedding photography behind me I thought it best to put out some resource on what I believe to be some of the Best Wedding Venues In & Around Stoke-on Trent where I live.

I’m a wedding photographer from the Potteries and have shot 100s of weddings around the UK. You see I don’t charge for travel and my unique approach of capturing personality-full portraits of my couples means I find my brides and/or grooms all over this beautiful land.

As much as I love exploring new venues in Dorset, Devon and the Peak District just to name a few, nothing quite beats the lovely feeling of having an awesome kick ass wedding day in Stoke-on-Trent where I can return home within minutes and not hours.

I know for local couples I meet it can be quite overwhelming for you when you’re looking for the best wedding venue to host your day. I hope I can give you a little bit of insight into wedding venues in and around Stoke-on-Trent which would make a great host for your special day.


My wedding venue opinion is not gospel though. 

I’m strictly speaking from a personal view which is one part heavily influenced by photographing within these Stoke-on-Trent based venues and several other parts made up of nostalgia, great connections with the team and just my overall love for it.


Stoke-on-Trent, A Wedding Venue Haven

Stoke-on-Trent; famous for it’s cheesy oatcakes, Robbie Williams, it’s outstanding contribution to the world of pottery and it’s grand ability to appear on national “worst place for this and that” lists. Being a voyeur from the M6 motorway you may not see the greatness of my broken but beautiful city.

We’re an incredibly strong bunch of Potters who hold creativeness and artistic vision far beyond most. We have the amenities of the city centre whilst also being minutes away from incredible rolling Staffordshire countryside and outstanding country gardens like the hugely popular National Trust Biddulph Grange and Trentham Gardens.  Not to forget we’re the envy of the country with one of the worlds best theme parks on our doorstep. Couple all of these factors with the incredible centralised transport links we find ourselves in and Stoke-on-Trent therefore becomes the perfect melting pot to creating a stunning wedding venue.

I know you’re probably wondering “what the hell does a delicious cheesy Staffordshire oatcake have to do with Stoke-on-Trent wedding venues?”

Well this floppy bit of savoury pancake batter is the most simplistic form of creativity. It shows how we can get excited about literally nothing and pile all of our beliefs behind it to propel it forward at a vast speed.

So when it comes to wedding venues we can create something out of nothing quite easily and use our natural landscape and beautiful history to help support it.

In absolutely no order here are my Best Wedding Venues Based In and Around Stoke-on-Trent.

1st Best Wedding Venue: Alcumlow Wedding Barn

A Bit About This “Stoke-on-Trent” Wedding Venue

This quaint Wedding Barn venue although described as being in Congleton, Cheshire really does sit closer to Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Although the owners would probably disagree with me it’s my way of trying to pull one of my favourite venues into my home town more so than an actual attempt at a geographical correction of the city borders.

With Charlie and her incredible team at the helm of this venue it steers an incredible course and stands proud in a wedding barn world which seems to be getting more and more crowded as the days go by.

Built from the incredible imagination of the owners this dutch barn once housed the farms cattle now hosts a vast range of weddings right through the year and with it’s diverse outdoor ceremony space a wedding in the Summer is completely different than one within the Winter.


What Kind of Wedding Venue Is It?

It’s a laid back wedding venue which whilst also allowing you a lot of freedom does keep things organised which stops your wedding day from slipping away too fast.

Suiting couples looking for a rustic outdoor and indoor space which they don’t need to add a lot of decor to.


Why This Venue Makes The Best List

Just 25 minutes from my home in Stoke-on-Trent I’ve photographed here twice and continue to book future couples in often due to my open love of the stunning rustic wedding venue.

It had been open for a long time before I picked up my first wedding here. When it eventually came, I had such a great time with Becca & Rob that it cemented such a positive relationship between me and the venue within my mind and now every time I return I get a great shot of nostalgia from this first time.

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There’s so much more to explore about this great Congleton wedding barn.

Explore Alcumlow

2nd Best Wedding Venue: Ashes Barns

A Bit About This Stoke-on-Trent Wedding Barn

When it comes to front runners of the pack this wedding barn venue is right up there. As a strong member of the Ensarb Estate along with Pendrell Hall, Mill Barns and the soon to be opened Foxtail Barns you know you’ll get a wedding day organised to a tee here.

Even though organisation is hire on their list they also make it incredibly important to give each and every couple a truly special unique wedding day which they’ll never forget.

Sat on a stunning 50 acre estate on the edge of the Peak District these 15th and 17th century traditional stone farm barns give you a real rustic edge when planning your wedding. With tasteful restoration you get the atmosphere of the ancient barn whilst also having modern day amenities and complimenting decor throughout.


What Kind of Wedding Venue Is It?

It’s a family run award winning venue with the ability to make anywhere up to 150 guests seem cosy and at home. It suits those couples who love the outdoors and want to bring a bit of it indoors for their big day whilst also being able to enjoy the immediate outdoor space at a moments notice.


Why This Venue Makes The Best List

When I was coming up in the world of wedding photography this wedding barn was one of those venues which I held as a important milestone in my journey. When I eventually came to shoot it I enjoyed it so much and was really grateful when I was invited back multiple times by future couples.

For me now this venue shines a strong torch for what Stoke-on-Trent has to offer. It’s a beacon of wedding venue glory within the area for me and every time I return I feel a strong sense of pride to live just a short stones throw away.

The fact they serve Staffordshire cheesy oatcakes as canapés and also have Emma Bridegwater crockery is just a lovely bonus.

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Explore Ashes Barns

3rd Best Wedding Venue: Upper House Hotel

A Bit About This Stoke-on-Trent Wedding Venue

A small privately owned hotel which was once the private residence of Francis Wedgewood the grandson of the more notable great pottery entrepreneur Josiah Wedgewood.

With one of the best indoor spaces to marry in the whole of Staffordshire this hotel also boasts vast incredibly well kept gardens on the edge of the rolling Staffordshire countryside.

Hosting weddings since before my time means it’s a default popular wedding venue for couples looking to tie the knot in Stoke-on-Trent.


What Kind of Wedding Venue Is It?

It’s a hotel at it’s core but not the kind of hotel you’re probably thinking of. With bigger more luxurious uniquely designed accommodation it’s in a higher class and could almost be considered boutique.

It hosts a smaller 60-100 guests from your ceremony to your evening reception. Perfect venue for an intimate wedding surrounded by just those who mean the absolute world to you.


Why This Venue Makes The Best List

Being possibly the closest venue to my home I’ve been to this venue so many times over the years and it now holds a strong nostalgic place in my heart.

Apart from having a lovely lit service room it’s constrictions to it’s numbers are actually a strength for me meaning weddings here are usually small groups of people who care about the couple so much. Forget the riff raff of table ten, there’s nothing like being surrounded by just those who really care about you.

All of the couples who book me for this venue want one thing, a lovely nice intimate ceremony and more time spent with those they truly love. Being involved with such a lovely close knit of wedding guests, like at Dexi and Tom’s day gives my work so much more feeling and emotion.

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Explore Upper House Hotel

4th Best Wedding Venue: Sandon Hall

A Bit About This Stafford Based Wedding Venue

Sat just over the Stoke border to Stafford this opulent stately home surrounded by 400 acres of private Staffordshire countryside. One of the most luxurious and sort after venues in Staffordshire. Where as other stately home wedding venues history is firmly in their past this country hall has a vibrant history which stretches into the current day with a descendant of the original Earl still living here.

As stately home wedding venues go this is one of the grand of those out there and the mile long drive through 100s of grazing sheep and historic farmland really does set the scene.


What Kind of Wedding Venue Is It?

This is the perfect wedding venue for those looking to host a large wedding mainly with a more traditional edge. Hosting anywhere from 100-1000 guests and having the ability do so through an interchangeable layout of rooms means the space is super adaptable and can look well suited to any number.

It also boasts the opportunity to marry legally on site in a religious or non religious setting with its own church and licensed civil ceremony space.

Even though it is for a more of a traditional couple you can also have add a very contemporary edge by erecting any number of tipis on the rear vast lawn.


Why This Venue Makes The Best List

There aren’t many wedding venues which boast historic importance whilst also managing to maintain a beautiful period boundless decor. As you sit on the antique furniture you really do feel like you’ve been transported back to the “Downton Abbey” era which graced the Hall back in the day.

Whilst also loving the architectural and interior decor I photographed some of my first work at Sandon Hall and it was definitely one of the first wedding venues to cast it’s magic upon me which still lives to this day giving it a strong feature on my Best list.

The vast difference in space and layouts also create endless opportunities to create amazing bride and/or groom portraits.


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Explore Sandon Hall

5th Best Venue: The Boat House at Aston Marina

A Bit About This Stone Based Wedding Venue

This modern and contemporary take on a function space lends itself so beautifully towards weddings and can really give you a great day at the waters edge.

Located just outside of Stone along the Trent and Mersey canal this venue features large sets of modern bifold doors to really bring the outside in when celebrating your day in Stoke-on-Trent.


What Kind of Wedding Venue Is It?

This purpose built minimalist venue boasts a large space which is incredibly adaptable to your day. More so used as a venue for a post traditional Christian ceremonies it can also be used for a civil service inside or outside surrounded by marina and rolling countryside.

The interior decor is modern, bright and airy with a blank canvas vibe where you’re free to add in your own themes and decor to make it your own.

It can easily sit over 100 wedding guests for your meal but should you wish to have your ceremony inside then you’d need to share the space with seating for both. It’s strongest point is it’s large open space but this can often be construed as it’s downfall. 


Why This Venue Makes The Best List

I personally love the one large open space as it keeps all of the guests in one place and keeps the atmosphere really flowing throughout the day. In the warmer months the guests also filter quite naturally out on to the terrace over looking the marina which creates a great space for relaxation.

In the nicest way possible this Stone wedding venue goes missing within your photographs. Designed with the beautiful local Staffordshire landscape in mind the structure is very unimposing which is fantastic as it really brings the focus of the photographs back to the people within them which, for me, is the most important thing when photographing weddings.


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There’s so much more to explore about this great Stone wedding venue.

Explore The Boathouse at Aston Marina

Wildcard Wedding Venue: Anywhere

For Me, a Wedding Venue Needs One Thing, Love.

I get asked so much about great venues which I’ve visited and often just repeat the same answer, “the building or place you’re in has little effect to the sort of day you will have”. What I mean by this is you could have the most incredible wedding venue and it could have cost you a lovely bit of money but without the best guests your wedding will be nothing.

This is a celebration, a party, a knees up and it’s all about creating memories within a certain moment in time. Whether you do this in a gorgeous Welsh valley, a caravan park, or your local registry office it doesn’t really matter.

My photographs would be nothing without moments, the highs and lows of your wedding day are where my best photographs will lie and the people around you will bring those highs and lows to your day in droves.


Forget the Venue, Choose your Guests

So rather than spend all this time picking a wedding venue I suggest you spend your time picking your guest list. Weaning the list down to the people you think just whole heartedly want to be there leaving out the riff raff and the chancers.

Following confirmation of your favourite nearest and dearest you can then begin to explore venues which can host your day. As I like to tell many people there’s no point having a huge stately manor if you’ve only got 50 guests. It will just swallow you right up.


Tell Me About Your Wedding Plans

As I’ve said above, the venue doesn’t matter so whether your venue features above I’d still love to hear about your, no doubt, incredible plans.