Twenty Eighteen

2018 has been such an incredible year for myself. It has definitely been a year where I can whole heartedly say I’m not the same person I was at the start. After such an incredibly tough run last year with my partner Sarah’s diagnosis and journey of overcoming Acute Myeloid Leukaemia it almost made this year even better.

It’s been awesome to scroll through everything I’ve photographed this year. It’s really interesting to see how my photographs have developed in the year and it gives me great excitement to just get shooting as soon as possible in the new year. I’ve been developing a greater focus on the moments of the day and trying to photograph these in the most interesting way possible. I still love a dramatic portrait but most of my favourite photographs are the ones which tell a bit more of a story.

I’ve been the lucky one photographing engagement shoots atop of mountains in the Peak District and Wales. Morrocan and English and infused ceremonies, the greatest dance off I’ve ever seen and a service with enough fairy lights to crash the national grid have been just a few special moments at weddings throughout the year.

I photographed a really great number of weddings and engagement shoots this year which enabled me to still spend heaps of time with friends and family. I’ve been away on so many mini adventures so much this year I can barely remember them. I visited my sister in Wales countless times, we spent a week isolated in the Brecon Beacons surrounded by nothing but sheep, a few Summer days were spent camped under the stars in St Davids and to top it off we went to the happiest place on earth for a little bit of Mickey therapy. I’ve also had some great time to enjoy other peoples artistic exploits at so many theatre and music shows. My target of photographing 30-40 weddings per year is still something I want to stand by. I love spending as much time talking to my couples as possible as my work is so much more awesome when we have such a great relationship before the day.

I truly am the luckiest alive. I have my health, my happiness and a killer passion which just so happens to be my job.

Thank you to all the venues, suppliers, guests and couples I have worked with this year. You’ve truly made a special year in my life. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer or know someone who is then feel free to get in touch or pass these ramblings on to a friend.


S’All About Me 

It’s truly been an incredible year and I only have all of you to thank. Towards the end of last year it became clear to me I actually had a really unique feature to my work. In a field so focused on creativity and originality it’s difficult to see anything but these things as a defining factor to your business.

I like many others have had my fair share of original work but always thought the reinvention of myself as the cause of a lot of headache. Scratching around for the new way to stand out in a field where everyone else is trying to do the same. Because of the satirisation of ideas and the “it’s been done before” mentality it’s easy to look like one of the many rather than one of the few doing something different and original.

Discovering my unique feature may have been one of the rare positives which came out of my partners abrupt leukaemia diagnosis last year. Being alone for many hours and allowing my mind to process so many thoughts gave me the breakthrough of my personality being the unique feature to my work. Anyone can frame a photograph the same way and edit it in a similar fashion but I don’t think there’s another lunatic like me anywhere else within this beautiful life. 

So this year I injected more of me in everything I did. I mean I was there before but no where near as much as I am now. 

Putting more of myself into my business is a dangerous decision as I let guards down and open the world up to the most real me. Luckily when you’re being the realist you no one can question your authenticity.

So this year I offered a hand at crisis moments, I orchestrated backstage workings, I chatted with more people than I can remember, I laughed and joked out loud no matter what the scenario, I danced with people I hardly knew, I for some reason still unknown grew a small beard. All of these things allowed me to get in on the inside (minus the beard). Photographing the most real versions of my couples and their days.

Some Random Statistics

Weddings Photographed: 35

Engagement Shoots Photographed: 10

People seen me Shake ma Booty: 3,626

Miles Driven: 5,279

Weddings Booked: 45

Furthest Wedding: 328 miles