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A Wedding in Alveley, Bridgnorth | Grace & Gary

A Floral Explosion Wedding in Bridgnorth

I felt truly blessed to be able to return to The Mill Barns in Alveley this Spring for Grace and Gary’s Bridgnorth wedding. Their day was so great. Everyone they invited felt like family rather than friends you could really sense the love for this couple around the venue all day. Then to make it even more great they really made me feel at home and it was an absolute joy to capture alongside Libby Blunt doing the videography. It’s always great working alongside a videographer who also just wants to capture the moments as they happen.

Grace rocked a Justin Alexander dress which she had from the ever more popular Dressing Rooms. To then add the final piece to the outfit they had Clare’s Weddings provide the stunning table decorations and all of the flowers around the venue. Grace’s bouquet was something else. Bright, colourful and a real contrast against the white of her dress.

I arrived early for this Bridgnorth wedding and stayed late. Even though I’ve photographed at the venue before I still like to have a little scout around to firstly see if the venue have changed anything else but secondly to see what flare the couple are putting on to their day. Staying late is a given really. I’m always asking my couples just before I leave “is there anything…ANYTHING else you’d like?” Grace was grand she was loving the dance floor and we’d already got a load of photographs earlier on. Gary on the other hand let slip he wanted a photograph of him and the Groomsmen which we’d done earlier but this soon turned into a photograph of possibly every guy at the wedding! I quite honestly said I’d never had such a large group shot request before but we powered through and sorted it with ease before I left. You see, these days only happen once as you know and i love being a Bridgnorth wedding photographer so there’s no point rushing off.

A Bridgnorth Wedding Day Slideshow

Planning and Organising a Wedding in Bridgnorth

Planning any wedding isn’t an easy task at all as I’m beginning to realise after I proposed in late February this year. Planning a wedding in Bridgnorth though can be so much easier with a grand venue and team behind you.

Being a part of the Ensarb Estates, you know you’re going to get a very organised and calm atmosphere with a real focus on the enjoyment of the couples. With the Ashes Barns and Pendrelll Hall also being under their belt it’s always great to visit any of these three venues as the days run super smoothly with practically no hiccups making it super easy to be a Bridgnorth Wedding Photographer. As a true stand out to the Bridgnorth wedding venue scene I was super excited to return and photograph Grace and Gary’s big day.

A Bridgnorth Wedding Venue

Situated in Alveley, Bridgnorth in the county of Shropshire this modern reimagining of the original 17th century water mill hotel sure is an attack on your senses as it mixes in traditional wooden building methods with light focal point touches of industrial and rustic fixtures and fittings. It won’t fail to drag “oo’s’ and ‘ahhh’s” from any guest.

Previously standing in its place in Alveley was an old red brick water mill come bakery and then eventually come hotel and restaurant. With streams and rivers passing straight past the venue to link up with the might river Severn it’s boasted enough power in the past to operate a mill for corn. Now the water is built into the venue almost like a monument to it’s former past. I was never lucky enough to visit the old mill which burnt down in 2015 but if the new structure is anything to go by then this site has and always will be the place of a grand building in Bridgnorth.

Planning a Bridgnorth wedding?

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