A Wedding at Sandbach Town Hall | Angela & Thys


Taking a trip back to the past today with this one. In 2015 I photographed the Sandbach Town Hall Wedding of Angela and Thys. It was one of the best times I’ve ever had at a wedding and mainly because I got on so well with the bride and groom. They had been referred through a friend and have been singing my praise ever since their big day. Check out what they thought on my testimonial page.

The ceremony was at my no.1 shot venue which is Swan Bank Church in Tunstall.  The reception was at Sandbach Town Hall which I hadn’t shot at before. As per usual I did my pre-wedding research whilst also gaining opinion from the bride and groom on where they wanted to shoot the couple shots.

As timings were tight we didn’t want to play with fire so we opted to do the couple photographs at Sandbach Town Park which is well kept and lovely for a Summers day. Once we were in the park I brought Thys and Angela a 99 with a flake each for a nice alternative prop to bring a bit of something different to the photographs! Angela also organised the huge pastel balloons you see in the photographs below. I always tell my couples anything you can do to make a bit of difference to proceedings will add an extra level to the photographs.

As the day was that long ago I can’t quite remember the guest number but it was definitely a good number as everywhere you turned there were people laughing, chatting, smiling, dancing etc, a truly rememberable day.

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