Wedding Timings Planner Tips

The first thing I’ll say is this wedding timings planner is based upon photography. You may have already decided on a certain wedding timings planner because it means something to you or brings out a part of your personality. Don’t worry about it! Your day is all about you so let your personality reign free!


Wedding Timings Planner Staffordshire Wedding Photographer Adam Lowndes Photography


Photography is all about light and this doesn’t just apply to weddings where you will be going outside. For example, during services it’s incredibly intrusive to use flash so I rely on the ambient light from inside the venue. What can make photographs even greater is the amount of natural light coming in from outside.


Your Service Time Holds the Key

At risk of stating the obvious. A photographer cannot take a photograph of the Bride and Groom together until they have been married. Therefore the Service time holds a lot of weight in the order of the day.  Only one activity comes before the Service which is the preparation for both sides. Think about the time you’d like your service.


For Example

A service at 14:00 in the winter would probably finish at around 14:30/15:00 (civil/religious) which would only leave you around 2 hours until the sun sets. Which seems like loads of time to make the most of the outside. Although if you have to do a confetti shot outside of the church. Travel to a reception venue letting everyone arrive and get a drink. Do the big group shot and around 10 family shots then you may run out of time before you’ve even got to the couple shots.


Working Out Your Timings

These timings are going to be for Spring or Autumn weddings. If you are having a Summer wedding then I would suggest a maximum of +1-2 hours on top of the timings and if you are having a Winter wedding then I’d suggest a maximum of -1-2 hours off the timings. This will see you reach what I believe to be the ideal times for each part of your day.

The below diagram is based upon an 11 hour wedding photography package. If you would like a little more info about my packages here. If you are curious about a different way of timing your day then I’d love to help, just head over to my contact page, fill the form in and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. The below wedding timings planner is based upon my broad knowledge from shooting weddings since 2010 in Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire and further afield.Wedding Timings Planner Timetable Staffordshire Wedding Photographer Adam Lowndes Photography