Who Inspires Me?

I thought it appropriate to write a blog about who inspires me. I wrote a lot in my about me about inspirations so check that out also. I really connect to people and their purpose and if I don’t know their purpose I can’t buy in to their stories, products or personality. We need people and people need us, no man is an island and even though I work alone I couldn’t inspire myself enough to do this by myself.


Craig R Stecyk III – Skateboard Photographer

Craig was a pioneer in the early days of skateboarding co-running a surf shop which eventually spawned one of the most influential rag tag skateboard teams the world has seen. During the 1970s members of the Zepher Surf Team went on to form the Zepher Competition Team who competed in numerous skateboarding events. Influential members such as Stacy Peralta, Jay Adams and Tony Alva all spawned inspirational careers of their own from this team. Craig captured this amazing point in time in video and photograph. His extreme photography style and artistic flair has created timeless images.

Brandon Stanton – Street Photographer

Brandon was a bond trader who lost his job and moved to New York City to capture humanity in a very personal way. Spending his days wandering the streets chatting to anyone and everyone and displaying some of their most intimate stories for the world to embrace. The man behind the street photography series Humans of New York is often slated for his actual technical skill set. I admit Brandon isn’t the best photographer in my technical opinion but this is photography, it is an art form, it’s subjective and cannot be conformed to rules. I believe Brandon’s talents lie in his connections with the people in the photographs and his connections with his audiences. He’s a master story teller who can convey huge emotion through one little photograph and one little description.Humans of New York Inspires Me

Alfred Hitchcock – Director

The man needs no introduction, he’s The Master of Suspense, a man who’s left behind the most powerful legacy to cinema. Producing classic after classic which pushed boundaries year after year. Taking the simplest plot and orchestrating suspense that rockets the film into a different league. Alfred always pushed his cinematic capabilities to the very edge by trying new things constantly, it’s this progressive behaviour that left such a strong legacy which I most admire.

Tony Hawk – Professional Skateboarder

Whilst I was a teenager I became heavily interested in the world of skateboarding. Tony Hawk is a natural inspiration to every person that picks up a skateboard but I would add that as you start to think you are getting a bit “cooler” Tony is not really the person you look at for inspiration, you look to the rough skateboarders and the rule breakers as they have the image that you want to acquire. Tony is lanky, his style is rigid and he’s clean cut. He may not have the image that you want to acquire when you are young but as I grew older I learnt of his determination and passion to bring the world of skateboarding to forefront of society, breaking down those rough images that often give skateboarders a bad name. The godfather of modern skateboarding is a leader of the positive image that allows many more children to enjoy the sport, expressing themselves in a different way.

Nicolas Winding Refn – Director

Nicolas is a Danish film director, screenwriter and producer. The work that I best know him for his neo -noir crime film Drive (2011), the thriller Only God Forgives (2013), and the psychological horror film The Neon Demon (2016). Apart from the film Drive, the content of Nicolas’ films often disturbs and unnerves me but it’s not the content that inspires me. The man is a visionary when it comes to visuals, his films are squeaky clean, brightly coloured, calculated and perfected within millimetres. I would not be surprised if he carries a tape measure around to measure space so that a scene is perfectly framed on all sides.

Nicolas Winding Refn Inspires Me

Other Photographers Who Inspire Me

It may seem strange that there are no Wedding Photographs in my inspiration list but I can assure you it’s reasoned. If my inspiration was purely other wedding photographers then my work would always be behind as I’d be inspired by trends that are used and already have their stamp on them. My favourite photographers to follow are often amateur or semi professional who have a more artistic approach to their work.

Gordon McBride – Photographer/Compositor

Natsumi Hayashi – Photographer

Hossein Zare – Photographer/Compositor