Why I Shoot Wide Angle Wedding Photography

Every person has a certain style when it comes to cultivating work. Photographers being visual artists obviously have a much more obvious style when it comes to their work. This is very often the subconscious reason why someone chooses a certain photographers work over another. My style is a combination of many things including, my history with photography, my inspiration and my passion for diversity within my photographs. In this blog I’ll talk particularly about my love of wide angle wedding photography and why it is a cornerstone of my work.


What is a wide angle lens?

First of all for those who don’t know I’ll explain simply what a wide angle lens is. A wide angle lens refers to a lens whose focal length (the distain between the centre of a lens and it’s focus) is substantially smaller than the focal length of a normal lens. A more common wide angle lens is the ‘fisheye’ lens which is an extreme version. In laymans terms it can capture a lot of photograph within a short distance. I’ve been using the Nikon 14-24mm now for a good few years and it produces beautiful results.


Why I love wide angle lens’

As a young man I spent many hours within the world of skateboarding. Hours of my free time were spent learning new tricks, exploring architecture for man made obstacles and idolising those professional skateboarders as though they were Premier League footballers. This time spent submerged in this culture tamed my visual eye in a certain way. At the time I  combined my visual eye with my love of photography and videography. I emulated the results of the professional photographers and videographers with myself and my peers. In all genres of photography there are a set of core guidelines for shooting and one of the cores of skateboard photography/videography was shooting the majority of the work with a wide angle lens. Years before I even knew I was going to be a wedding photography my mind had been ‘corrupted’ into loving this bizarre, extreme and outrageous style of photography.

When it came to getting into Wedding Photography it was just a natural progression to try and transfer this style over. It took some adapting but soon made the move to become one of my full-time lens. I’m not a very intimate shooter meaning I don’t tend to get very close to my subjects. I do this for multiple reasons. If I’m closer the focus is more on the subjects and they can often look awkward if their natural personality isn’t exactly clicking at this certain point. For wedding photographs who pose their couples this would not be a problem but I prefer the natural look. The second reason would be my love of creating a dramatic atmosphere in a wedding photograph. I lean on buildings, skies and activity to create this atmosphere. All of these command a lens that’ll capture a lot within one shot.


Take a look at a couple of my most recent wide angle wedding photography shots below.