Book Pricing

I was never really a fan of the photo book when I first started out as a wedding photographer. It’s been a really slow process as I learnt to love them. Having been looking at photographs on a screen for almost all of my life I can honesty say they’ll never look as good as they do printed in my hand. These books surprised me every time I get one. The quality is outstanding and will well and truly last the test of time.

I took almost a year to select my current book suppliers. QT Albums, a book production and design company based out of Poland made the cut to become my current suppliers. With less than 10,000 beautifully stunning QT Albums in the world and a hell of a great personal service on every order it was an easy decision.

All the books are handmade from cover to cover using the highest quality craftsmanship to achieve stunning results. The single sheet lay flat spread (2 page layout) design enables you to get the most out of each turn. With a choice of over 40 cover options and endless customisation you can really create your own unique book.

Designed on professional software making one photo across the whole spread look as tidy as twenty. Leave the book designing to the professionals and have a real sentimental piece to remember your day by.

10×10″ 20 spread (40 page) Handmade Story Book


Other sized books are available but I have found this to be the best to offer to my couples as it’s the perfect size fitting nicely on to any table and not too big or weighty to carry under one arm.

All books come with a care card, protective gloves and in a linen pouch within a Natural Raw Linen presentation case wrapped in organic tape. P&P is free with any order.

If you have ordered a book then once your gallery is live you will see the tag option to select which photographs you’d like to appear in your book draft design. There is no restriction on how many photographs your book can display but I will provide comment if I believe it’s too heavy or thin in certain areas.

Starting from £395


Extra Charges

Embossing £20.00   ~  Extra Spread £17.50  ~  Extra Spread with DuoBooks – £22.50


6×6″ Handmade Parent DuoBooks

Parent DuoBooks are simple clones to the main Handmade Story Books. My suppliers use leftovers from the main album production to make the price insanely good while keeping the top quality of the book. This also makes the production even more eco friendly. With the pricing of a single 6×6″ story book starting at £339 these DuoBooks are an insanely good offer.

DuoBooks can be ordered in pairs in 6×6″ size. Not available as a standalone product. Please note the photographs below show the DuoBooks next to the 10×10″ for size comparison purposes only.

If your parents are separated and you want an odd number then let me know as I may take the extra copy for promotional purposes.

£350 per pair

How the Books are Made