Photo Books

So you’re thinking of having a photo book?

Whether you already know you would like a book or haven’t even considered one yet then I encourage you to look at my offering.

I keep things incredibly simple with an offering of 3 books in 2 different sizes. Explore the book brochures below to find out which may be the perfect fit for you.

Have fun exploring and may the force be with you;

Adam. x

ps. Scroll to the bottom to see my confession of my love of all things printed.

Handmade StoryBook

My forever customisable premium book option and the ultimate physical memory to show future family.

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Handmade BloomBook

Perfect for those who’d like a simple shorter book option which just requires a selection of photographs to fill it.

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Handmade PrimaBook

My beautifully straightforward snapshot book for the price conscious couple who maybe weren’t even considering a wedding photo book.

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Story Time

My Haphazard Approach to Confess My Love of Books

It’s no secret I was never a fan of photo books when I started taking wedding photographs in 2010. I found them old fashioned and a bit of wedding tradition which I was happy to ignore as I thought the way I was doing things was too cool for printed products.

You see, I was a child of the digital revolution so my whole coming of age story can probably be traced back on the internet in the depths of MSN and Myspace. Photographs were a little less tangible to me also. Only existing on screens and with an unlimited storage capacity to store as many as I would like. I was a hoarder of photographs for so long up until about 3 years ago in 2017 when my partner Cera was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.

To give myself some positive nostalgia I looked back through photographs I had taken and was horrified to find things missing or buried amongst folders upon folders of digital storage. Every time my storage had become full I just brought more and added a new folder. I’d got myself into a digital mess of grandiose proportions.

Through almost half a year I managed to sort things out ridding my life of those random holiday monument photographs and started to print the photographs I loved for the first time since I was a teenager with a film camera. It gave me a special feeling to have those photographs tangibly accessible as a piece of art and history on my wall.

As part of a little side project I now often sit with my mother and help her sort through her digital libraries and then we create small books of all her holidays and adventures. They sit on her bookcase looking not too dis-similar from a collection of short stories all with matching spines and similar layouts. She loves showing her friends our creations and it makes my heart sing when I see her smile.


So what is it about printed products which I love?

I don’t know what it is, whether it’s the difference between looking at beautiful natural ink on a page compared to illuminated pixels artificially constructed. Or maybe it’s the fact I can reach out and touch the moment and be reminded of it whenever I pass it on the wall or see it in a book. Do my mum’s books make her so happy as we created them together or because they remind her of amazing adventures? I don’t know the answers but I know I’ll be printing photographs and books forever now to try and grasp at a beautiful time gone by.

Don’t just reside your photographs to the depths of your hard drive. Love them and give them the frame or book they deserve.

Adam. x