Elopement After Party Photography – Tasmine & Ben


On Sunday the 17th of September I captured photographs for Tasmine & Ben’s Elopement After Party at Moddershall Oaks Country Spa. They tied the knot a couple of weeks before in Cyprus. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to show my dance moves in the Med but I did get chance to show them at the ever classy Moddershall Oaks Elopement After Party. A wedding abroad is normally a more intimate affair with just your very closest family and friends attending. Just recently I’ve noticed an increase of bookings for half day receptions so that the couple can do a miniature version of their wedding day at home with everyone their and not just the select few. You would think that these are a lot more chilled and relaxed with the actual wedding day already over but they are just as challenging as a normal day. 

At Tasmine & Ben’s evening reception we managed to squeeze in photographs of the Bride and Groom getting ready, canapés & champagne, a vast number of group photos, cutting of the cake, first dance, bride’s father & mother anniversary dance, father and daughter dance, a whole pile of natural photographs and casual couples shots, silhouettes in the dark and wrapped it all up with a sparkler arch finale!

Every meeting I go to we always get the question of “what happens if it rains on my day?” Well normally I describe that it’s very rare that it would rain all day so then at some point we’d be able to go outside. Having a 4 hour celebration in the evening reduces the chances of reshooting outside shots dramatically. After everyone arrived at the beautiful Modershall Oaks Wedding Venue I was keen to get the outside group photos done immediately because as you can see from a few of the ones from outside at the start the clouds don’t look too pleased. I was just doing the large group shot and then we were going to go into the family portraits and just as I clicked my first shot of a big group shot it started to rain, within seconds it was a full scale storm! We raced inside and the chances of doing anything outside was lost. We completed the rest of the group shots inside against one of the lovely decorated interior walls.

I loved shooting the photographs with Tasmine’s family dog Scarlett. All my life I was absolutely terrified of dogs, even managed to get knocked down by a couple of Golden Retrievers whilst away with family once. This experience amongst others put me off dogs for a good while. That was until I met my partner in 2010, her family were huge dog lovers so if I wanted to stick around I had to find peace with ‘Man’s best friend’! It didn’t take me long to come round and then get our own dog eventually. Now any chance that I get I want to include dogs in my shoots no matter where it is. I know a couple of handlers who look after the dog then bring it a long when ready and for the amount that they charge there’s no reason not to include that furry friend. I like to think I’m some what of a dog whisperer so can usually get them to behave for that minimal time without much instruction. Don’t get me wrong I’m no Victoria Stilwell but I try my best!

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