My pricing starts at £1195 for a “full day’s” coverage. I also do “small day’s” packages which start at £695.  I have a separate pricing brochure with ‘frequently asked questions’. Drop me an email and I’ll send the brochure along with my sample gallery straight out to you. There is so much which goes into wedding photography and it would be hard to convey everything in one brochure. I always suggest, after you’ve read the detail, we meet for coffee or a Skype chat to give you a broader understanding of how I work.

Groomsmen tying a tie wedding photograph
Groomsmen watch wedding photograph
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How I Work

I’m not much for labels but if I gave myself one then I would say I am a Documentary Contemporary Creative Wedding Photographer, gees what a mouthful. Here’s what it means.

To be a documentary wedding photographer means I exist in the background for a large portion of your wedding. I like to let the day unfold before my lens capturing it in the purist form without disruption and minimal direction or posing. I’m a contemporary wedding photographer as I move with the times in everything I do. I’m not traditional in the slightest, always keeping things current with a lack of “cheese”. My creativity as a photographer is what sets my photographs apart from the rest.




Is this you?

The most important part about your day is having the people you care about in one room experiencing your commitment to the person you love.


You’d love to get awesome shots of just the two of you without the posing, “cheese” or awkwardness.


You want someone who will blend into the crowd like one of the family but at times appear and take charge when necessary.


Mainstream is not your thing. You want the photographs to represent you. You don’t want a cardboard copy of someone else’s photographs.


You love to laugh and envisage yourself laughing throughout the day.


Having access to all the photographs in great quality with no extra cost is really important to you.


So does all of this sound like you? If so we could be a great match. Click here.

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