Wedding Packages

When building my business I always said I’d deliver packages which contain everything I’d want to receive if it were me. There’s no extra payments or hoops to jump through at the end just full transparency from our first meeting to your first anniversary. I don’t leave anything out, all of the following are included in my 9-11 hour weddings.


  • 2 Pre-Wedding get-togethers over coffee/Skype.
  • Myself photographing your wedding.
  • Online Digital Gallery to share with everyone for 1 year.
  • License to download/print all the final photographs.
  • Free Travel & Accommodation within mainland UK.


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Getting On Is Key!

Loving the photographs I take is only one part of choosing me to be your wedding photographer. It’s super important to meet me in person or over the web before making your big decision. I rely on my personality so much for my work as it draws out people’s true selves and enables me to capture them being them. We don’t have to best friends but it sure does help when we have a similiar vision.

Once you drop me an email I’ll send more information out to you and then we can begin to arrange a coffee. My replies only ever take at max 24 hours. Most of the time they’re instantaneous and most of my couples are always surprised at how fast I respond. If you don’t get a response in the this time period it’s probably because it’s dropped into your spam/junk mail box. Be sure to check it.

Build your own Wedding Package

Instead of guessing what people want in their wedding package I’ve taken the route of letting you make the decisions. I’ve provided a great base price and then if you’d like to add to it you can. I offer an incredible range of Handmade Story Books, postcards, and USB keepsake boxes just to name a few.

Let’s get coffee!

Fill in the form below to meet me and grab a coffee. I have to admit though, I only drink tea. The phrase “Let’s grab tea!” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

Don’t forget to check your spam box if you don’t see a reply.