Micro Weddings in Staffordshire

A Confession Of Love For Micro Weddings

I know for many 2020 was a year of frustration and a press of the pause button of their life. For me, it definitely was a bit of the same but being my true positive self I really tried to enjoy it. One of the great enjoyments of the year was all of the amazing Micro Wedding days I got to photograph in Staffordshire and Beyond.

I never really shot that many Micro Weddings before and when I did I don’t think they had the same heightened feeling to them which will definitely carry beyond 2020 for any who’re considering a smaller wedding day.

I’ve said it once, twice, thrice, etc. The Micro Weddings I photographed during the Corona Virus pandemic in 2020 are by far some of the best weddings I’ve ever had the chance of photographing. Even though there were fewer people there was so much more emotion, laughter, and beautiful moments.

I also believe; just because once you were said you were going to get married and have a large party that you can’t change your mind now. If your family and friends really care about you then they won’t care whether you Elope alone, have a Micro Wedding or just drop into the local registry office to tie the knot.

Your wedding doesn’t need to be complicated; it just needs to be full of love.

I do this job because I love meeting all the incredible couples who book me. Getting caught up in the excitement of each of my couple’s days is truly what gives me and you such an amazing connection. I really don’t care whether their days are small, big, in Staffordshire or beyond. I’ll be my over-excited self wherever it all unfolds.

This life I lead often feels like a dream world and you guys/gals are the possible dream creators.

Much love;

Adam. x

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– Micro Wedding Pricing –

All of my micro weddings come with the following:

  • My much raved about guidance and support throughout your micro wedding journey.
  • Face-2-face meeting pre-wedding.
  • Online Gallery with no additional charge for digital access for all.
  • Sneak Peeks within 72 hours of your wedding.

All prices listed are in GBP.


Just Service | 450

This is the super quick micro wedding photography package. We’ll be in and out before you know it.

1.5 hours of coverage included as standard with the 30-minute wedding service wedged in the middle. 50-150 estimated final digital photographs.

Micro Day | 895

I’ll be honest this is the offering I want you to go with. I feel a story is not just complete with the main event (the wedding service). You need the before and after to really see the whole picture and this where my best work always happens.

5 hours of coverage included as standard with 300-500 final digital photographs.


Don’t Wait!

If you love what you’ve seen/heard then let’s not wait about.

I only do 30-40 weddings a year and these get booked in fast. So let’s book you guys today! Simply drop me a message below or ring me on 07527547073 now.

Or if you’d like to hear a little more then let’s get a couple of Venti Soy Latte’s (or whatever the cool kids drink) and chat about your day.

To secure a micro wedding date you’ll need a non-refundable booking fee of 300 GBP along with a completed digital contract which I will supply.

So freakin’ excited to hear from you.

Adam. x

Past Micro Wedding Couples Thoughts

“To go ahead with your wedding in the middle of a pandemic is a brave thing to do, and it makes sense to be worried that it won’t really feel like a wedding. Having had all the same thoughts back in October 2020 I hope I can reassure you that it will. The most important thing about your wedding is marrying the person you love, and when everything else has been stripped away that love becomes more important than ever.

If you still want to marry the person you’ve got through a pandemic with then you’ve already conquered more than many ever will- your wedding day is a celebration of all of that, and of you as a couple. Hopefully, you can have a few of your nearest and dearest there to see the union but there will always be important people in your life who can’t be at your wedding, no matter how big your guest list, so try not to think about what’s missing and concentrate on what you have. You will be swept away in the magic of the day!”

Siobhan & Ben

“We were due to get married in May originally, with around 140 guests. Lockdown forced us into making the decision to cancel, but when the opportunity to get married again came up, with chose to do it with the 15 people.

Honestly, I feel like it couldn’t have been any more perfect.

We were still able to get married at the venue we wanted with all of the suppliers we originally wanted (all of whom worked so hard for us to make the day what we wanted). More importantly, the day felt special and intimate and we absolutely don’t feel like we missed out on anything by having it with 15 people. I can’t actually imagine doing it how we were supposed to originally now.”

Jack & Fran

“The ups and downs and uncertainty are hard to deal with at the time. However, our expectation of what our wedding day would look like with 80 or 15 guests was completely exceeded on the day and I can’t imagine anything else!

We got to share the best day with our favourite people, it was made so much more special that our loved ones that weren’t able to be there, still made the effort to tune in over zoom and we asked them to take pictures of them having a Prosecco and enjoying the wedding too which will now feature in the scrapbook we are making.

Ultimately you are getting married for you and we can’t put into words how amazing the day is.”