Personality-Full Family & Child Photography from Staffordshire

for Down to Earth Families and Children

Hey, I’m Adam, I photograph families and children with my awesome personality straight out of Staffordshire. I live in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent with my fiancée and our miniature dachshund.

My families and their children who I photograph are normally looking for a very relaxed photoshoot where they can just be their normal selves. They show them at their best but still have a tie to reality with the setting usually being within their home or local park.

My super extroverted personality will be able to win over your whole family in a matter of moments. From there on after you’ll feel relaxed and have complete faith in my work.


I’ll never ask you to stand a certain way or look a certain way. My photography relies on you just being you. With simple tips and tricks, you’ll look so natural in front of the camera.

You are everything to me!

My wedding couples, my families and their children I photograph allow me to live this incredible life and I’m forever grateful for just that. So when it comes to your experience with me it will be pretty much faultless as I’ll put you first every time.

I could say my life exists to eat pizza, listen to music and watch films but I’d be lying. People are my life. I can’t physically spend enough time with my fiancée, dog, friends and family. So when I’m not spending time with my couple’s family and friends I’m usually spending time with my own. It wasn’t always this way though. Several life-threatening diagnoses to loved ones and extended periods spent working from bedsides in hospitals has taught me even the most normal day is a blessing.

I love stories and storytelling so if you’re wanting to capture this moment in time then please feel free to reach out below and we can start making memories straight away.

I can’t wait to help you;

Adam. x

“I really just wanted some natural pictures that would capture this time in our lives sincerely without being posed or fake. Adam was amazing and we felt relaxed straight away, he followed Elias’ cues really well so we all felt relaxed. I love looking at the photos because I genuinely feel instantly transported back to the best days of our lives.”

Louise, Joel and Elias

– Family & Child Photography Pricing –

I’ve designed a simple offering to make it even easier to decide on what type of photoshoot you’d like for your child or family.

If you’d like to immortalise your memories forever then I have a range of print, canvas and book options.

Giftcards are available and can be provided for those looking to gift a photoshoot. Due to the the busy nature of my wedding season all shoots are bound to Stoke-on-Trent and the surrounding area.

All prices listed are in GBP.


Mini | 75

Perfect for a gift or someone looking to invest in their memories for a small upfront cost.

  • 1 shoot
  • 1 digital photograph provided
  • The remaining digitals are available for £15 each from the online gallery


Main | 175

My personal favourite option which removes the faff and gives you a great set of photographs for one great price.

  • 1-hour shoot
  • 15 digital photographs provided


Multiple | 475

Immortalise a year in your life with 3 shoots evenly spaced throughout the year. £50 saving and a commitment to yourself to do this.

  • 3x 1-hour shoots
  • 45 digital photographs provided overall (15 per shoot)


Bespoke Photoshoot

Are your ideas a little different than those I’ve shared with you in the above photoshoot? Contact me and we can talk about a bespoke quote for your big day.

Child & Family Photography FAQ

And other answers to questions you never had


Do you work in a studio?

No sorry. In the least pretentious way possible “your home and your familiar surroundings are my studios”. Working within familiar surroundings will allow your children and/or family to feel more comfortable in front of the camera and will add a depth of reality to your photographs.

The beauty of not having a studio is being able to move around outside of Staffordshire and come to you when necessary.


Can we have a traditional family photo looking at the camera?

Of course. Although 90% of my work is natural a traditional family photograph is still very important so if you’d like one please just ask on the day.


Can we print our photographs and make books ourselves?

YES! Please do. Please do not print and use the unpurchased photographs from the Mini photoshoot until completing payment and thus having the watermarks removed by myself.

All digitals are available to purchase and/or download within 4 weeks of your shoot.


Is this a safe shoot for children of all ages?

I don’t get involved with anything in the shoot other than taking photographs. I will simply follow yours and your child’s lead throughout the shoot so the shoot is as safe as you make it.


Are you insured?

Yes, I am, if you would like to see a copy of my certificates then please just ask.


Where can we do the shoot?

My shoots can be done wherever we would like. It’s important to use a familiar surrounding if working with children so they feel most comfortable.


Are there any incentives for referring friends or returning?

YES! If you’ve had your shoot I will discount any recommended shoots by £25 or provide 1 extra free photograph for a “Mini”. I will also provide a one-off deduction from your next booking by £25 or provide 1 extra free photograph for a “Mini” if your friend books.


How are our payments broken down?

You’ll pay a £50 non-refundable booking fee to book in your slot and then any remaining fees will be due on the day of the shoot.


Do you back-up our photographs?

Of course but once your gallery expires after 6 months you’ll need to ensure you have master copies of your photographs. Or just continue to book shoots to keep the gallery active!


How should we dress on our shoot?

I like my shoots to represent reality so just wear clean and tidy normal clothing with no big logos. If you wanted to dress up to give your photographs an extra bounce then feel free but this may remove the natural look from the photographs.


You sound AWESOME, how do we book a photoshoot?

You’ll need to fill out the form above and then I’ll send you the information needed to pay your booking fee to confirm your photoshoot.