Supplier Usage Guide


Let’s Share the Love

This photography game is a rather lonely one at times.  I’m often sat at home  talking to my sausage dog as she’s my only real colleague. In an effort to not go stir crazy I make a point of being as awesome as possible whilst working with my fellow wedding suppliers.

I love to share my photographs far and wide through wedding suppliers like you. Having fantastic relationships with my fellow wedding suppliers works really well and at future weddings it’s a breeze to do my job and hopefully yours too.


What it’ll Cost

Would you like to use my photographs in in adverts in third party media? Yes? Then I’m afraid it’ll cost you. Not much to be honest. I charge a nominal fee of £25 per photograph for use in as many articles/advertising campaigns as you’d like. Should you wish to use multiple photographs then I’ll offer a discount so get in touch and we can talk numbers.


The Free Option

I understand many of the wedding suppliers I work with just want to show off their lovely creations and usually don’t have a camera or the photography know how. Do not fret! If you wish to use my photographs on your social media, your website or any other directly related company owned media then I have just the option for you.

If I haven’t already contacted you then you can contact me on the form below. After doing so I will provide you with a Supplier Access Gallery to watermark free high resolution photographs.

Once downloading the photographs you wish to use you can upload them to social media,  your website or print in your own brochures as much as possible provided you do these three easy to follow things.

Numero 1: Don’t apply any filters, crops or personal edits to my photographs. This includes black and white filers. Please don’t forget to display my photographs in the correct aspect ratio on Instagram.

Numero 2: Only share photographs which I share with you.

Numero 3: Leave a mention with redirection to where my work can be found in the description or caption. Please do not bury this in the hashtags on Instagram or in a comment attached to the post on Facebook.


Redirection Credits To Use

Website/Any Other:

Instagram: @AdamLowndesPhotography

Facebook: @AdamLowndesPhotography