Amy & Gordon

"I was terrified at the thought of having a whole day where the camera was pointing at me."

How do we even begin to explain how incredible this guy is at what he does?

Many of us dream of our perfect wedding day and the photos and memories that come with it. Years of battling with my weight have meant I have avoided cameras for a very long time, often putting small children in front of me to avoid showing my whole body or putting my arms into some wired position to avoid showing the ‘fat arm’. Jokes aside; I was terrified at the thought of having a whole day where the camera was pointing at me, I dreaded the thought of not having control as to showing my ‘best side’. Gordon has always wanted me to understand and see what he does when I look in a mirror and was desperate for me to enjoy the day. This meant our search for the ‘perfect’ photographer was hugely important. When we came across Adam’s website we both instantly loved the relaxed, natural style he executed in his shots, but more than anything we bounced off his charisma, honesty and personality on our initial call with him.

The big day arrived and right from the word go I felt so at ease with Adam, I felt I could really trust him and didn’t allow myself to focus too much on what he was taking but just to enjoy the day and company around me. I can honestly say I shed a tear or two when I looked through the photos Adam produced from our special day. I never thought it was possible to feel so happy looking at a photo of myself, let alone hundreds! The most beautiful thing was to see how happy that had made Gordon and that is shown in Gordons expressions time and time again as he could see me enjoying myself without a care in the world.

Choosing Adam to be our photographer on our big day was quite possibly the best decision we made. Right from the second he arrived he was in control, many asking how long we’d been friends, he just fit in with everyone so well and joined in with all the fun. What people didn’t see was the little nudge and smile he gave me as I was having a little meltdown in my dress before leaving for the church, within minutes he took away all my insecurities and made me remember the reason I was stood there; to celebrate my love for Gordon. I can honestly say that I love every single photo, many show my ‘bad side’ and my ‘fat arms’ but I don’t care, I love them all, they capture our perfect day so wonderfully. Sometimes it’s easy to get fixated on how you should look in your wedding dress, but Adam reminded me what the day was about. Some of the photos are so beautiful its hard to believe that they were taken at our wedding, but they were, and they will be treasured forever.

Thank you Adam.

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