Elliott & Laura

"We couldn’t contain our excitement as this was exactly the type of craziness we wanted from our photographer in order to get the most memorable shots."

If you’re looking for a brilliant, organised and professional photographer for whatever occasion then Adam is your man!

Elliott had known Adam from an young age where they spent many hours skateboarding together. Adam was always more interested in getting the best photo or video of everyone else and couldn’t wait to show off his work to everyone, it was always such a great feeling looking back on the memories he captured. Adam carried this on throughout his life and dedicated lots of time and effort into developing his photography business which he should be proud of. The moments that Adam manages to capture are stunning and he can make an everyday setting look like you’re stood in another world!

From the early days of our wedding planning, we knew Adam was the man for us. After checking out his previous work, we were blown away and thought WOW, we want photos like that from our special day. We met up with Adam and he lay out the score for us but was no way pushy and left us to have a think. It didn’t take us long to decide that this is the guy we want to photograph our wedding. Adam is such a cool, down to earth person and very likable in many ways. His sense of humour and whit really helps on what is probably one of the most stressful times of your life.

We had a couple of meetups with Adam prior to our day, but as well as photography, Adam also offers advise and guidance on other subjects, as he can talk from his past experiences from many previous weddings.

Adam really wants to capture the best photos of your day and has the interest of the married couple at the heart of everything he does. Adam would suggest things like confetti throw, sparklers, etc. We found it difficult to say no to anything as we loved anything he suggested.

Adam’s timings were perfect and he managed to capture the day from start to finish. We never felt rushed and didn’t feel any stress about what photos we needed as he already knew exactly what we wanted. He was ace with the young kids and kept them entertained and even let them take pictures with him. He was patient when trying to get everyone ready for the group shot and didn’t have to push anyone into doing so.

The photos we got in the overgrown field for us are some of our fav’s. Adam suggested going into this field but we came across a locked gate and no key could be found, but that didn’t stop us as where there’s a will, there’s a way. We were getting into that field! We couldn’t contain our excitement as this was exactly the type of craziness we wanted from our photographer in order to get the most memorable shots.

We also had a videographer on the day and Adam worked flawlessly with them to ensure they were not in each other’s way and managed to capture every moment.

Getting the sneak peeks a few days after the wedding is amazing, it gives you all this excitement to what’s in store for the full album. A year later we still often look at our album and new snaps become our favourites.

When our 1 year anniversary was approaching (May 2020) we wanted something to finish the jigsaw. Much to our surprise, Adam was launching a new book (PrimaBook) we watched the live launch and were blown away by the book and snapped up the chance. Adam did all the hard work pulling the design together, we just had to agree and change any photos as we wished. We purchased 3 books, 1 for ourselves and 1 for each of our parents. It was an agonising but exciting 2 weeks wait, we were so excited to see our book! When it arrived we were blown away, couldn’t stop looking through it and our parents were just as amazed.

Lastly, we will finish off by saying Adam is helpful in many ways, he has contacts in numerous areas that he is willing to help and share with you.
Adam comes very highly recommended by us, please look no further, and book this guy! You won’t be disappointed.

Much love
Laura & Elliott

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