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"The fact is we rarely write any at all. But for Adam, we simply must make an exception."

Gemma and I married 6 months ago today at the enchanting Heath House in Staffordshire. Clearly, Gem and I are not ones to write testimonials in any kind of hurry, the fact is we rarely write any at all. But for Adam, we simply must make an exception.

Those 6 months have passed in a flash, but it has been enough time for the dust to settle and life to take over again. We recently delved back into our wedding photo collection from Adam to put together an album and now that the wedding day is no longer at the forefront of our minds, we saw them afresh – and wow, they really, really are amazing.  Adam has recorded our day exceptionally well.

He’s captured all the right stuff – beautiful moments, touching moment, overwhelming moments, quiet moments, alone moments, crazy moments, loving moments – they’re all there. It’s been so great looking at them again, by the time we got to the end we felt like we had almost lived the day again. Thank you, Adam.

Whenever the wedding has come up in conversation with the family and friends that attended, invariably at some point they will mention the photographer – ‘Adam was great wasn’t he, where did you find him?’. Somehow they all seemed to have remembered his name.

We found Adam on Facebook, loved the work we saw and got in contact to meet him for a coffee. We secured him for our day within hours of meeting him, we just knew he was right for our day. It was that quick because it was clear that Adam was honest, creative but most importantly he was both easy-going and confident in himself.

It was Adams first time shooting at The Heath House, so we invested in a Wedding Pre-Shoot at the house. Well worth spending that time. At the end of it our little family, Adam and the House had got closer ahead of the big day. On the day we were in familiar territory and that showed through in how comfortable and relaxed we were in our final photos. Highly recommended!

On the day Adam was really just one of our close guests.

Thank you again, Adam, for doing what you love on the day Gemma and I celebrated our love.

Gemma & James

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