Jenny & Stu

"In short if you are considering booking Adam do not hesitate! He is worth absolutely every penny."

Where to start… our entire experience with Adam was fantastic from beginning to end! I came across Adam via a Facebook advertisement showcasing his amazing photography skills and of course the beautiful Juno! As a fellow dachshund owner/lover I thought to myself, we definitely need to meet with this guy! Not too long after we met with Adam on what I remember was the most stunning sunny day with bright blue skies and not a cloud to be seen, I took this as a good omen so I knew it was going to be a good meeting. Adam explained so much to us regarding the whole process on the day, a lot of which we didn’t realise so it was great to have someone with Adam’s experience to put any worries aside as he really had every eventuality covered. We walked out of the meeting knowing that Adam was the ‘chosen one’.

It is a funny experience booking a wedding because at first you’re firing on all cylinders and then once everything is booked and deposits are paid all goes quiet on the western front, this made me feel a little uneasy at first with all our suppliers. We met again with Adam just a few weeks before our big day and discussed what we did and didn’t want, again with Adam’s extensive experience he gave us guidance on family photos and group shots which was very helpful as I think most people have various worries around what is or isn’t traditional especially with separated parents or missed loved ones etc… Adam was super accommodating with all of these specific details.

Fast forward to the big day…firstly Adam arrived at the venue with impeccable timing and was dressed very smart giving him the ability to blend in with our guests nicely despite being so vertically superior! 😉

The whole morning was a dream despite there being quite a bit of rain that we were worried about but Adam was great and managed to take photos of pretty much everything that was either still or moving so that every element of my day was captured, this was to accommodate my ever so slightly OCD to document everything and with something as special as a wedding day how could you not! At the time when I requested this with Adam he did say it wasn’t his particular style to take so many photos of ‘things’ shall we say but nevertheless Adam was more than happy to fulfil my wishes for my big day.

After the ceremony we were very fortunate that there was a good long break in the clouds, the rain stopped and the sun shone down on us, again another good omen. This gave us the perfect opportunity and timing for all our outdoor group shots with all our friends and family, not forgetting our 2 miniature dachshunds Harry and Bella, Adam was fantastic with both the dogs and managed to capture some stunning photos despite them both being a little excited. The group shots were handled so very well, Adam has such a talent for directing large crowds quickly so we could spend more time mingling and not just smiling for photos.

Throughout the whole day we hardly noticed Adam was there snapping away, other than for the shots of just me and Stu when we went off for a wander but Adam made us feel totally at ease and worked with our videographer so seamlessly, the 4 of us had such a great laugh.

Well, the end of the night came around pretty fast and Adam had spent all day and evening capturing what was the best day of our lives, I think he may have even stayed a tiny bit longer than what was initially planned, I don’t know whether this was because he ended up having so much fun himself or whether he just stuck around for the wood fired pizza. Anyway the whole after service experience with Adam has been amazing too and I cannot fault his excellent communication skills throughout all my dealings with him, I have had experiences in the past when people have been paid for a service and have then gone underground with no sight nor sound but I can assure you this definitely won’t be the case with Adam, from all the little surprises afterwards which I will not detail as I wouldn’t want to give any spoilers for future couples.

In short if you are considering booking Adam do not hesitate! He is worth absolutely every penny and will do an absolute stellar job for you, he takes such pride in his job and that shows in the work he produces when you receive your photos.

Adam we both couldn’t thank you enough, I only hope we get to see you again very soon at another wedding maybe, I don’t want this to be the end of the road for us after you being such a big part of our special day! Haha

Lots of Love

Mr & Mrs Buckley-Mellor

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