Laura & Dan

"I didn’t even know he was there most of the time and when I did, I just saw Adam, not the camera."

My husband and I (eeek!) got engaged in Florence, Italy in June 2019 overlooking the city from a beautiful spot near Piazzale Michelangelo. We had already been a couple for nearly 7 years at this point so we had talked a little about what we would want for our wedding, but on the walk back to the Hotel we talked about a few details together and the one thing that was never in question was that Adam would be doing our photographs.
Adam and I went to High School together and then attended the same college with similar interests in Film and Media Studies. After college though we didn’t see each other again until 8 years ago when he photographed the wedding of some of our closest friends.

That evening, Adam took a photo of me and Dan when we were the only ones on the dancefloor (no other Bon Jovi fans at that wedding apparently). I’m looking up at him while he’s trying to drunkenly dance me around the floor and we both look so happy! It really captured a moment early in our relationship that I love to look back on!

Afterwards, I started following him all over social media and I feel like I’ve had the most amazing experience witnessing Adam’s journey as his career and talent have grown into something truly magical!

Of course, when some of my other friends started to get engaged, I began telling them all about Adam and showing them his Facebook and Instagram pages and putting them in touch with him. Many of our friends have booked Adam for their weddings and I know that they have all been over the moon with the memories of their day!

It has also meant that myself and Dan have had the chance to catch up with Adam a few more times over the years and also have some more lovely photos to show the evolution of our relationship!
When it came to booking Adam, I contacted him before we had even visited a venue to check his availability. Believe me when I say that we would have changed the date, venue or even my dress before we ever considered choosing a different photographer over Adam!

We chose our Venue (Slater’s Country Inn) and booked Adam straight away and then settled in to start planning the big day. A little over 6 months later, Covid-19 hit, and we went into Lockdown. We still had 15 months before our wedding, so we weren’t worried and if anything, it just meant extra spare time available for planning!

During this time, Adam wasn’t able to add any new wedding content on his social media pages, so instead he was reliving some of his best bits and I loved this as it helped me stay excited for our wedding too and occasionally he was able to photograph one of the ‘micro-weddings’ for the couples who carried on with their weddings with a smaller guest list and under the social distancing restrictions.

Seeing this from Adam gave us the confidence to decide that, should the world not be back to normal by May 2021, we just wanted to get married and would be happy to go ahead knowing that Adam would still find a way to capture some incredible memories, and hey, it’s definitely a great story for your wedding!

When it came to the day, I was so nervous! Obviously, we’ve seen Adam in action, and I know his personality, but I was still worried about having a camera in my face all day. I can honestly say though that it’s a completely different experience when it’s your own day and I didn’t even know he was there most of the time and when I did, I just saw Adam, not the camera.

We went ahead with 30 guests and after a year of being away from everyone, suddenly even this felt like a lot of people to me when the attention was all on me! I needed a little time away at one point and disappeared to our room and there was no pressure from Adam to be in a certain place or be doing a certain thing – he matched our pace throughout the day!

It rained non-stop all day which was my biggest worry but I had a great day and looking back I wouldn’t change it (apparently it’s good luck!) Though the weather my have appeared grey and gloomy on the day, our photos are bright, vibrant and full of colour (even though we had a Black and White theme!)

I think all my friends are married now, but if I hear any random strangers talking about getting married you can guarantee I’ll be chipping in with “Have you found your photographer yet…?”

Adam, thank you so much for all of the memories you have given us from weddings throughout the years as well as for capturing our ‘Wonderful Life’!

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