Sam & James

"Adam didn't just pop us in a diary and forget about us, there was a constant flow of contact between us."

We booked with Adam nearly 2 years before our big day. I can’t be sure if we were actually looking for a photographer at that point (obviously we would have been sooner or later) but a chance sighting of some of Adam’s work came up on my Facebook newsfeed. The photographs immediately caught my eye, they were stunning! So a quick scan through his website and an email or 2 later we were meeting up with him in person in Trentham.

First impressions of Adam were… Crikey, he’s tall!!! You certainly couldn’t miss him walking into a room.

The first meet went well. Adam is so confident in what he does, you can see and feel the love his has for his craft, it oozes out of him. He genuinely loves what he does and that is so lovely to see.

He made us feel so relaxed, so at ease and so inspired as to what our wedding could look like, we decided as a couple, Adam was the one!
Having booked up so far in advance, Adam didn’t just pop us in a diary and forget about us, there was a constant flow of contact between us, he would randomly message to see how we were getting on, how planning was going, even just asking how the kids were. Top marks in our opinion!!

6 weeks before the wedding, we met up, in person, again. This time to discuss the finer details of the day, timings, any particular “must have” photos we might want. We completely relinquished all responsibility onto him!

We are not a couple who wanted ‘staged’ photos, we wanted the natural approach, so we just told him to do what he wanted, no specifics other than “photograph the kids’ (which he did-in abundance).

The day came, Adam arrived about 1030 to photograph bridal prep and the groom’s arrival etc. I’m pretty certain he did not stop all day, even during the meal, when he was supposed to be eating he was taking pictures, but that being said, I hardly noticed him all day (in the nicest possible way). He has such a natural, non imposing way of taking pictures, noting ever felt forced or staged, it’s like he is an invisible magician.

I can’t even say for sure what time Adam left, it was certainly way past his finish time, we just had to perfect that one last shot with the LOVE letters in the dark. Again just proving he’s all about the photos…

All in all, Adam is great! Our day was perfect and Adam had managed to capture it perfectly. We could honestly not have wished for more…
I can highly recommend and I just wish we could do it all again!
Thank you so much Adam…

Love Sam and James xxx

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