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"He is also led by his own creative intelligence and will often think up amazing shots on the spot."

It’s often said that when you meet the right guy you just know, deep down, that he is “The One”.

Adam was recommended to us by a mutual friend and, with the British politeness we all exercise when considering a friend-of-a-friend for an important job, we headed to his website to check out his work. What we found was … surprising. Groomsmen enjoying cigars, dogs with flower crowns, children in suits playing in the grass, and, most importantly, smiles upon smiles upon smiles from happy couples and their guests. Straight away we were hooked, and thus began the start of a beautiful friendship.

During our first meeting with Adam in a crowded Starbucks, we instantly connected with chit-chat about retro arcade games, DIY projects and dogs. We spent the first 30 minutes of our initial meeting just nattering like old friends, before we’d even had a chance to talk business! Adam is just one of those people that can find something in common with you to break the ice and make that connection with you on a human level, and it really goes a long way to ease those first-meeting nerves.

Despite us both being extremely camera-shy, we knew that it was important our wedding day was documented in a way that reflected both our personalities and captured the energy of the day, whilst also not putting too much pressure on us as subjects. We were both concerned about ‘posing’ for those memorable photos; the awkward smiles you have to keep glued on your face for minutes on end, or the seemingly endless embraces so as to capture the perfect shot.

It was clear from chatting with Adam and looking through his portfolio that he really cares about documenting *your* wedding day in all its wonderful unique glory. His focus is much less on the traditional smile-at-the-camera photos, but on creating a storybook of candid photos as the day progresses – this means that the majority of your treasured photos are ones you won’t even notice being taken. Don’t worry though, you’ll have your photo list with the specific shots and group-photos you want for your day, and he’ll organise them perfectly without interrupting the flow of your day.

From the very beginning Adam made it clear that he would go above and beyond to make our day as special as possible, even making it his mission to try and help us locate a cake just weeks before the wedding after our initial plans fell through. He alleviated all of our fears, promising to be the man to watch over the little things like who would keep on top of restocking the pick’n’mix table – anything to make sure we weren’t worrying about the small details.

He made good on his promises too and proved to be an absolute asset to us all on the day. His organisational skills are second to none, making sure we were all where we should be for photos without coming across like a drill sergeant. There’s nothing like the threat of impending rain to motivate the troops!

Adam is willing to bring your wedding vision to life, whatever that may be, and he eagerly accommodated our request for bubbles instead of confetti and smoke bombs for the outdoor photos (despite not having had much experience with them himself at the time). It was great to have such an open-minded person to hear out our crazy ideas and to also suggest some craziness himself. If you’re lucky enough to have Adam along for your wedding, one thing we will say is to have absolute faith in this guy.

As a professional and experienced photographer, Adam is extremely adaptable and will capture gorgeous images you will cherish come rain or shine. However, he is also led by his own creative intelligence and will often think up amazing shots on the spot. With this in mind, do not doubt his ability to turn an outlandish scenario into a work of art – his idea of having the bride and groom balance on a wobbly wooden bench at dusk with festoon lighting around their heads created one of our most eye-catching pictures from the day!

Once the festivities were over, the praise for Adam’s amazing work was resounding – everyone absolutely loved him, with both of our families practically wanting to adopt him! He made everyone feel comfortable and helped them to enjoy themselves, so much so that he never felt like a hired professional and blended in with our closest friends and family the entire time. We all had such a laugh with him and were gutted when his time came to an end – we wanted him to stay and party! – but as a true professional he was keen to begin the editing process of what must have been 1000s of images from the day.

No sooner had our celebrations come to end and we were off on our minimoon in the Cotswolds, we received the digital sneak peeks of our gallery in less than a week – the man works fast! Still high off the merriment of our wedding day, we were thrilled to be able to relive it so quickly. Only a few weeks later we received the full gallery and the pictures were even more beautiful and emotive than we could have imagined.

As Christmas approached we received our gorgeous, leather-bound album courtesy of a quick home visit from the master himself. Adam popped over for a brew, some puppy cuddles (courtesy of Luna) and a catch-up, and it was a wonderful touch to have one of our most cherished items from the day delivered in person by a friend.

When you choose Adam as your wedding photographer, you are not simply purchasing the services of a man with a camera. You are inviting someone into your family with a heart as big as he is tall (which is VERY tall) and who will stop and nothing to ensure that you remember your special day for years to come.

We are so grateful to Adam for his skill, patience, and for staying in touch long after the wedding. We love him!

Dexi, Tom & Luna x

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