Victoria & Neil

"My dad is a very hard man to please but he couldn’t praise you enough!"

So where do I start… from the moment we met we knew you were the one we wanted for our special day. You made us feel at ease and made us laugh and we knew instantly what vibe you would bring to our wedding.
Any questions, worries I had I sent you a message and you would reply on the same day and helped ease any concerns I had.
Fast forward to the day of the wedding…
WOW! You arrived early and instantly got stuck in, poured all the bridesmaids and myself a glass of fizz and made sure our glasses were filled all morning. My little boy was a bit shy and getting ratty. You had lots of fun with him, he even shared his biscuits with you, you should feel honoured! Haha.
All morning you made me feel calm, had a good laugh with all the girls and it was just so natural!
As the day went on, the kids were getting bored and you made sure they all got involved with the photos , made them all laugh, played with all the balloons and even let some of them use your camera to take a photo! You were amazing and they all had so much fun with you.
My dad is a very hard man to please but he couldn’t praise you enough for your work.

Any requests we had, you couldn’t wait to jump in and help. Even the piggy back ride across the grass in my big dress! So much fun!!!

The photos – well what can I say. Outstanding, amazing , stunning , out of this world, more than I could ever have dreamed of.
Your work is absolutely incredible!
I cannot thank you enough. I would 1000% recommend to friends and family and I already know you have a further booking from our special day.
Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re incredible and we were so lucky to have met you!

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