Wedding Photographer in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Natural Wedding Photographer with an Awesome Personality

Hey I’m Adam.

A Wedding Photographer from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire who searches the length and breadth of the country in search of awesome people who’re getting married.

Imagine the best day of your life, pretty incredible isn’t it? The best day of your life makes up many incredible days of my life as I photograph my awesome couple’s weddings.

Forget the photographs for a moment. My personality is probably my greatest feature. It allows me to capture people as they appear and not a facade. I’m a massive extravert and could possibly start a conversation with practically anyone which then makes the other part of my job, those photographs, loads easier. I love meeting new people and thrive off of challenges to capture the most awkward of people in a great light (metaphorically and literally).

When I’m not being a wedding photographer my life consists spending time with my partner Sarah, walking Juno my sausage dog, going to the cinema, being outdoors, listening to live music, and being with my friends and family.


Charlotte & Peter at The Mill Barns, Bridgnorth

Featured Weddings

Phoebe & James

A late October Autumnal Upper House Hayfield Wedding

Sarah & Paul

A late November wedding at The Cowshed at Woodhall Farm.

Lauren & Rob

A Combermere Abbey autumnal wedding in early November

Katie & Mark

A stunningly beautiful wedding at the wonderful Heath House.

Farah & Mark

A Moroccan and English spiced Rivervale Barn wedding.

Rachel & Andrew

An early September wedding at Haigh Hall.

Why I’m a Wedding Photographer

When I used to dream about being a photographer it was never a wedding photographer. It seemed like the only reason to be a wedding photographer was so you could earn the “big bucks”.

When my sister asked me to photograph her wedding way back when I never knew it would set off a chain of events which would see me become a full time dreamer. The more and more weddings I photographed the more I began to introduce my personality as a key part of my work. Anyone could copy a photograph I took but no one in the world was me.

You see photographing one of the greatest days of someone’s life isn’t why I love being a wedding photographer. It’s the fact I can turn up for work and just be me. With my mothers beyond friendly personality and my fathers organised calm I’m the perfect mixture of personality for this job.