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In Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Hey I’m Adam, a Staffordshire based creative wedding photographer. Enough about me though, this is about you two!

My couples are everything to me. I put so much of my over-positive self into my work. I tend to deliver insanely attentive responses to emails and I’ve even been known to hunt down the last mini burger canapé for a groom on his wedding day. I won’t stop until you have the most awesome day.

My couples are incredible people. They’re usually down to earth and are planning a relaxed fun wedding surrounded by all those people who have helped build their story so far.

Moments to me are everything. A laugh, a cry or a questionable dance move. Moments like these are my main focus at any wedding.

For this reason I’m really keen to let your day just unfold before me.

My couples want some awesome portraits of themselves too. Generally they’re super nervous about this as I’m sure you are too. I just want you to be yourselves. Through meetings before your wedding we’ll hopefully eradicate the “weirdo with a camera” stereotype photographers often have and then work on just having a great time whilst capturing really awesome photographs.

I mainly work from my home in Stoke-on-Trent with my sausage dog. If I’m not at home and not at a wedding I’m often found working on the go from friends’ homes, a coffee shop or a bar in some culturally beautiful corner of our country.

When I’ve not got a camera or screen in front of my face my life consists of just spending as much time with my fiancé, friends and family as physically possible. Numerous life-threatening diagnoses to loved ones and extended periods spent working from bedsides in hospitals has taught me even the most normal day is a blessing.

I love stories and storytelling so please feel free to share your story so far and what’s planned next. I’d seriously love to hear it.

Adam. x

Relaxed Wedding Photographer

With heaps of weddings under my belt and a friendly personality I can be the perfect calming force to your wedding day.

Need a Creative Wedding Photographer?

Then look no further

My main inspiration for my wedding photography isn’t other wedding photographers believe it or not. With a strong interest in music and film I gain most of my inspiration from these two art forms. My formative years were spent photographing skateboarding and gigs in Stoke-on-Trent. Combine this with a very random degree in Video Games Design at Staffordshire University and this provides me with the mindset and inspiration to create unique and creative wedding photography

I’ll rarely come with a list of what I’m going to take. I’ll know a few spots which interest my eye then I’ll work with them to spark my creativity until I’m left with a show stopping photograph. Don’t worry although this seems like a drawn out process it’s actually very short. Most of my creative wedding portraits are captured within a minute or two.

Doing it for the love, not the money.

When I used to dream about being a photographer it was never a wedding photographer. It seemed like the only reason to be a Stoke-on-Trent wedding photographer was so you could earn the “big bucks”.

When my sister asked me to photograph her wedding way back when, I never knew it would set off a chain of events which would see me become a full time dreamer. The more and more weddings I photographed the more I began to introduce my personality as a key part of my work. Anyone could copy a photograph I took but no one in the world was me.

You see, photographing one of the greatest days of someone’s life isn’t the only reason why I love being a Staffordshire wedding photographer. It’s the fact I can turn up for work and just be me. With my mother the true social butterfly and my father the astute magician of organisation I’m the perfect mixture of personality to love this job everyday.

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