One Price Year-Round

I whole heartedly run my business with my couples in mind. My pricing is straightforward with no seasonal or daily increases, there’s no extra cost to me so there’s none for you either. I deliver my best for each and every couple on every day of the year. My pricing has been designed and curated over the years to allow me to enjoy a humble life which in turn enables me to be at my best all year round. It also gives my couples a cost which won’t bring tears to their eyes.

You’ll be insanely surprised at how straight forward my process is.

Reasons to Jump Aboard Now

My typical couple books early, sometimes even 2 years in advance.

I don’t “pose” people as you know it.

There is no charge for my travel/accommodation.

To enable me to be at my best I only photograph 30-40 main season weddings a year.

Your price is NEVER subject to any increases.

Your photographs are delivered in high resolution with no watermarks and accessible to anyone. I deliver anywhere between 500 & 1000 for a full day (10ish hours)

A lot of my work ends up on blogs, venue’s websites and in magazine articles. Check out some past features here.

Enquire for Availability & Pricing

Loving the photographs I take is only one part of choosing me to be your wedding photographer. It’s super important to meet me before making your big decision.

I use my personality so much for my work as it draws out people’s true selves and enables me to capture them being them. We don’t have to be best friends but it sure does help when we have a similiar vision.

Once you drop me an email I’ll send pricing information out to you and then we can begin to arrange a coffee. I usually reply immediately or a few hours later. Check your spam box if you don’t see a reply.

I’m really looking forward to hearing from you.