All of the albums are handmade from cover to cover here in the UK using the highest quality craftsmanship to achieve stunning results. The single sheet lay-flat spread (2-page layout) design enables you to get the most out of each turn. We can create your unique album with a great choice of covers and embossing.

If you’re even considering an album then I would advise you go with one. It’s important to note that although you’ll receive a full day of digital photographs these are my imagining of your day and I’ll often over-deliver slightly to give you a choice. An album allows you to whittle this selection down to your favourite 70 or more. Having this smaller amount of photographs better encapsulates how you want to remember your day which in turn enhances the viewing for others.

I hope you love it as much as I do;

Adam. x

The Process

  • Payment – Pay up-front with your initial booking and save £100 or pay the price at the time of ordering.
  • Selection – Within 12 weeks the complete digital gallery (anywhere from 500 digitals onwards) will be delivered and you’ll get the chance to select around 70 digitals which you want for the album. There is a year time limit to this before the album deal expires and you’re subject to additional costs.
  • Design – Once the selection is made I will receive an email notification and depending on my workload will construct your first draft straight away.
  • Expertise & Guidance – This album is expensive because you not only get a luxury product but you also get my professional expertise and guidance with the design. It’s much easier for me to remove photographs without the emotional connection at the benefit of a better spread of photographs allowing you to see the potential in your album design.
  • Feedback – After the first design has been made you will provide feedback for any adjustments you wish to make.
  • Re-Design – I will continue to re-design the album based on your instructions until you’re satisfied.
  • Approval – Once happy you will provide approval on the design as well as  selecting your cover and embossing choices.
  • Submission – The album will be submitted to my printers and then delivered directly to you within 5 weeks. You need to check the album over on arrival and make me aware should the very low chance of damage occur.
  • Showcase – That is everything. Now time to take your album out into the world and show your friends, family, co-workers and maybe a random stranger or two.

8x8" - £600

  • Size – 8×8′ when closed or 16×8″ when opened flat. This size is perfect as it’s not too overwhelming. It can easily be held in your hands, laid on a coffee table and transported in a bag.
  • Spreads/Pages – 10 spreads (20 pages) as standard with an option to buy more. 10 spreads can tell a great easily digestible version of your wedding day.
  • Photographs – I request 70 photographs for you to select but you’re welcome to select more or less. I will then use these to help make the design. Not all photographs will be chosen. 
  • Cover – 15+ vibrant Leatherette or Linen vibrant material choices to wrap your cover within. The covers are also padded giving a more luxurious feel.
  • Embossing – Two lines of embossing fully customisable to whatever you’d like it to say. Can also be left blank.
  • Box – Each album comes in a hard box to protect it. The album should be stored flat for best future preservation.
  • Animal Friendly – Everything has been chosen specifically to be animal-friendly/safe.


I am entirely aware of the overwhelmed feeling I get when given too much choice so I have tried to keep it to a minimum.

  • Extra Spread – £15 (per spread) – A spread is 2 pages so when the album is lying open and flat; what you see is a spread. A spread can hold anywhere from 1-15 photographs depending on what part of the day you wish to feature on it.
  • 10×10″ Upgrade – £100 – Make the album bigger to really enhance the viewing experience.
  • Extra Duplicates – Perfect for parents/grandparents
    • £150 – 1 duplicate
    • £275 – 2 duplicates (£137 per album)
    • £400 – 3 duplicates (£133 per album)

The accompanying photograph shows the size difference between an 8×8″ & a 10×10″ album.