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I had a bit of a rocky start to my role within the wider wedding photography community. I posted within an open forum and another wedding photographer negatively challenged my education. From that point on I felt the community had nothing to offer other than pitting us and our knowledge against each other.

It wasn’t until many years later when I attended my first wedding photography workshop and subsequently joined many supportive communities that I realised there was a great peer-to-peer community of wedding photographers openly teaching other wedding photographers. To say I found my calling would be making it a bit too Hollywood but I’ve always been passionate about helping/teaching other wedding photographers so the chance to put my knowledge to good use is a welcome distraction in my downtime from shooting weddings full time.

Rather than regurgitate the same old story of “This Is How I Got My Break” I instead choose to dial into different aspects of my business and then provide in-depth learnings on how we can make these better for you. A lot of people just want an hour or two to pick my brain and a 1-2-1 mentoring session is perfect for them.

I hope I can help you in some way as it would mean the absolute world to me.



On Sunday the 23rd of June 2024 at 12:00 I’ll be talking at Click Live on the Wedding Stage. The talk is all about How I create my Behind the Scenes videos and Why I love them so much as a form of marketing. It’s set to be a great talk and on the same day there are a pile of other accomplished photographers speaking so grab yourself a ticket on the link below and come along.

At the end of the day there will also be a Chat Show which is similar to a Q&A segment where myself and the other photographers who spoke on this day will be asked questions by the hosts and the audience.

I’m yet to decide whether I will stick around for Monday and Tuesday but with the code FED50 you can get 50% off of a single-day or 3 day ticket.

This is the first year of the conference and it looks set to be massive.

Preset + Brush Pack

After a lot of people asking I’ve finally organised my Preset and Brush pack I use for Adobe Lightroom Classic to help me edit all of my weddings. Feel free to use all of these presets and brushes for any work whether it be free or paid.

They’ve currently been tested on Nikon, Sony and Canon Raw files.

Wedding Photography Equipment

A lot of people constantly ask me about what equipment I use so I’ve made it easier and listed it all with a little write up and link to buy.

This also includes all the equipment information about how I capture my behind the scenes videos. All of the links are affiliate links so I appreciate any purchase made through them.

Instagram Workshop

90mins of Instagram Gold to Up Your Game

I used to host Zoom Instagram Workshops which were great but they used to wear me out so much.

Due to people possibly sharing my video without prior consent, I never wanted to record the live course nor make a professional digital copy until I realised how great it would be for people to dip in and out of whenever needed.

I then challenged myself at the start of 2023 to make the digital copy and here it now stands. An hour and a half of all of my best teachings surrounding Instagram and how I use it. I’ve had such great feedback from wedding photographers and videographers.


Me Talking About Wedding Photography

I am so overwhelmingly into podcasts so when wedding photography podcasts started to become a thing I made it my A to get on them and just chat chat and chat some more.

I’ve gone ahead and made a playlist on Spotify of all of my podcast appearances over the years. Enjoy.

Social Media Help Group

Free To Join Private Group

Following my old in-person Instagram workshops I started this group to keep people up to date on any new findings I had with social media and the way I use it.  After a while, I realised I wanted to help provide a baseline understanding surrounding social media to anyone who wanted to listen which is why the group became a free-to-join group. I still update the group with new learnings from the Instagram, TikTok and Facebook app as well as sharing what works for me.

There are learnings from my Instagram workshop I mention here but the Instagram workshop is a lot more thorough.

1-2-1 Wedding Photography Mentoring

Based Around Any Topic You’d Like To Learn

I know a lot of the time there is a specific issue which is holding me back from being a better wedding photographer. When this happens I seek out the best person for said issue and throw them a bit of money to alleviate this lack of knowledge. That’s exactly what a 1-2-1 mentoring session is. You’ll pick a specific topic and we’ll spend the whole time and usually a bit more chatting about how you can improve this for your wedding photography couples.

Mentoring sessions can be in Stoke-on-Trent or via Video Call. If you’re interested then please fill out the form below.

I have a wide knowledge but I believe my current biggest strengths are:

  • Shooting a Wedding with Minimal Gear (1 Camera, 1 Lens)
  • Organic Social Media Reach
  • Pic-Time Setup and Workflow
  • Client Journey and Expectation Setting
  • Dance-floor Flash Photography
  • Transition Execution – Moving from Full-Time Employment to Self-Employment

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