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Mentoring Workshops and So Much More

I had a bit of a rocky start to my role within the wider wedding photography community. I posted within an open forum and another photographer challenged me in a negative way. From that point on I felt the community had nothing to offer other than pitting us against each other.

It wasn’t until many years later when I attended my first workshop and subsequently joined many supportive communities that I realised there was a great peer-2-peer community of wedding photographers openly teaching other wedding photographers. To say I found my calling would be making it a bit too Hollywood but I’ve always been passionate about helping others so the chance to put my knowledge to good use was a welcome distraction in my down time from shooting weddings full time.

Rather than just add my general voice to the same mixture of workshops I’ve always found it useful to dial into one thing, my current big thing is Instagram but in the future it could be something else.

I hope I can help you in some way as it would mean the absolute world to me.



My very own Instagram Workshop focused on utilising all that wasted energy you produce from your account on a daily basis.



During Covid Lockdown I produced a pool of videos all about Wedding Photography software, tactics, information, etc.


Meet Adam Lowndes

a Wedding Photographer & Public Speaker

I could say my life exists to eat pizza, listen to music and watch films but I’d be lying. People are my life. I can’t physically spend enough time with my fiancée, dog, friends and family. It wasn’t always this way though. Several life-threatening diagnoses to loved ones and extended periods spent working from bedsides in hospitals has taught me even the most normal day is a blessing.

I love stories and storytelling so feel free to get in touch and tell me yours or read more about mine. I’d seriously love to hear from you.

Adam. x