Bamford Edge Engagement Shoot | Rose & Dane

Rose & Dane got in touch last year to talk to me about photographing their York wedding in 2020. They will be having a delightful Deighton Lodge wedding with a colour scheme featuring bright oranges and pinks. Rose’s family German Shepherd will be the dog of honour and they will be having a Great Wedding Bake Off. I was thrilled to be asked to be a part of the day.

This year Rose messaged to ask if we could head out for a practice run and do an engagement shoot. With them being South Yorkshire based the logical place to meet was somewhere in the peaks. After a lot of map looking research I found Lady Bower Reservoir and Bamford Edge. I’m really picky when it comes to picking engagement shoot locations. They can make or break a shoot. Unlike the wedding day I have control of the time of day, date and location so no pressure at all.

On a dreary mid September afternoon I set out on the hour and a half journey to meet Rose & Dane in the heart of the Peak District. With torrential downpours of gallons of water whilst on route I wasn’t hopeful of great weather for the shoot. Once arriving we still had a little drizzle so hit a small woodland walk first to be sheltered only slightly.

A small pitstop in front of Lady Bower Reservoir then led us on to Bamford Edge which was truly more than I could have ever hoped for. A super short walk to gain absolutely incredible views of the surrounding area. Timed perfectly to coincide with golden hour and some interesting stormy clouds to diffuse the golden hour just a little.

Rose & Dane did a super job in front of the camera and I can’t wait for their Deighton Lodge wedding now. Meeting your photographer is always a great tip whether it be on an engagement shoot or not. Through meeting Rose & Dane we’ve strengthened an already great relationship and also improved each others tv watching habits. Check out Killing Eve if you haven’t already; great recommendation from these two.

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