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A Beeston Fields Walled Garden Wedding | Sarah & Chris

Reconnecting 10 Years On

This job is truly magical when it comes to the social side of it. I truly am a people person who enjoys hearing stories from literally anyone I meet. 10 years ago I was lucky enough to travel to the USA to work on a summer camp from June to September. Whilst over here in a small town on the border of Pennsylvania I met a girl at the camp from Nottingham. Many days just spent just eating rubbish and killing time with the larger group of friends I never knew I’d be seeing her again 10 years later walking down the aisle in an incredible dress from The Bridal Suite.  The possibility of this story reopened last year when I received an email from Sarah to see if I was available to photograph her wedding at the Walled Garden at Beeston Fields, Nottingham.

After exchanging a few emails back and forth, myself, her and Chris agreed to jump on a Skype call to chat a little more about their walled garden wedding. It wasn’t until now when I realised it was actually Sarah. What an incredible surprise and how embarrassed I was at the time. Jump forward to this year and the Beeston Fields wedding fast approaching I met back up with Sarah and Chris at Wollaton Park for their engagement shoot. We managed to secure some rare May late Spring evening sun to capture some truly awesome photographs.

Fast Forward again and the Beeston Fields wedding was upon us!

Beeston Fields Walled Garden Wedding Day Slideshow

Walled Garden Wedding

The Walled Gardens at Beeston Fields is one of Nottingham’s most stunning wedding venues and I was so pleased to be photographing there. Traditional Victorian walled garden weddings are some of my favourite days to photograph. There’s a reason I back my photographs with foliage or the sky most of the time. It’s a backdrop which never carries much age to it. Add a standard British brick wall into the mix and you’ve not got much to complain about.

With it being a marquee venue it’s super versatile to any wedding party and also doesn’t take too much of the grandeur away from the natural beauty of the gardens.


Being a Nottingham Walled Garden Wedding Photographer

The way I shoot my couple portraits is super simple and really not time consuming at all. For this reason I always tell my couples not to worry about the size of their venue. Some see big country Manor House weddings and get a little concerned their photographs won’t look as awesome. Being at a Manor House wedding is all gravy but we’ll hardly ever use even close to say 50% of the most interesting areas for couple portraits. There just isn’t the time and I’m super keen to let you guys just be with your guests more than anything.

Sarah and Chris’ choice to get married at Beeston Fields Walled Garden was a truly great one. With a handful of Portrait points within a couple of seconds walking distance of your guests you’re never short of shots which don’t interrupt the day.

i did pull Sarah and Chris to one side after their wedding breakfast and go for a bigger wander but my favourite moment was just stealing them for seconds right next to where they were chatting to friends to use the exterior wall in a shot.

Planning a wedding at Beeston Fields Walled Gardens?

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