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Cast Your Vote This Year

You’ve got a VOTE this Christmas. Do you want to vote for a future that holds just major retailers which funnel our creative industries into just isolated sets of styles and trends or do you want to vote for a future that holds local, small and independent business’ at the heart creating a vibrantly beautiful shopping experience for all tastes and trends?

Let’s face it. It’s been a CACK year. We’ve lost people we love and also lost our all too important social interactions. Hugs will return, love will return and we’ll get past this social speed bump in our lives. As a knock-on effect to the pandemic, many of my friends and friends of your own have no doubt struggled to operate their wonderful business’ in this madness so I ask rather than compete in the usual race to the bottom when it comes to searching for your Christmas gifts that you choose to do things a little different this year and support the local, small and independent business’ as much as possible.

I understand many maybe need those strongly discounted prices to deliver a positive moment within their small budget to help their CACK year. Hey, no judgment here but for those of us who can afford it, I’ve provided a great list of local, small and independent businesses below.

Enjoy and let the business’ know I sent you, I won’t receive anything back from them other than a high 5 and a feeling that I’ve made a difference.

Much love and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas;

Adam. x

ps. if you’re after a supplier who does something a bit different then just reach out and email me at and I’ll be sure to help out.


My Personal Directory

HomeWare & Gifting

Bibelot – Homeware, bags & accessories, toys, gifts, haberdashery & craft workshops
Liz & Sophie’s beautiful 3-floor jam-packed shop in the market town of Leek.

Bear Print Designwildlife led printmaking and design
Found at the Treacle Market. The haven of small business.

Cup & ClothCrafted and collected design-led goods
I’m a Potteries lad, I LOVE ceramics, there, I said it!

Design @44A lifestyle products haven
Jade’s shop is hands down mine and Cera’s favorite place to frequent when in Derby city center.

EraEclectic, rustic and artisan furniture
A lovely little furniture store celebrating preloved pieces.

Freckle & Fern Ceramics Functional and fun ceramics handmade and fired in Macclesfield
I was introduced to Scarlet and her ceramics and now I’m just in love! Holding back on that first order for sure!

Greetings From Sarah – Personalised Cards and Prints for every occasion
Sarah designed a special Christmas card for me one year. It’s the best we’ve ever had and we had so many lovely comments.

Homeward InteriorsGood things well made
Placed in the ever wonderful Odeon Antiques Homeward Interiors is a great little gem in Leek market town.

Little Paper Shop CompanyFine paper goods and gifts
Cara and her little paper heaven are just one of the incredible independent businesses’ in Nantwich town.

Macrame Hub – All things, you guessed it… Macrame
Alana makes beautiful macrame pieces and also takes bespoke orders.

Old Man & MagpieHand-poured natural soy wax candles made using cruelty-free oils and recycled jars
Jemma and family make the bees bloody knees of candles except no bees wax is used…

Woven RosaSustainably sourced homeware from all over the world
Their stuff is utterly beautiful and you can really tell they care about their impact and their products.

Yellowstone Art BoutiqueA boutique showcasing local and not so local incredible crafts
Hannah’s little store has been at the forefront of beautiful shops in the Trentham Shopping Village for some time.


Food & Drink

Buzzy Bee BakeryFreshly baked to order boxes of tastiness
Myself and Cera love to order a box of Brookies from Millie and Lydia. Their Christmas Yule Log collection is just INSANE

Cheat Days Thickkkk, fat, gooey, chunky bois
A nationwide cookie delivery business a previous wedding couple started.

Miscos ChocolateMade from sustainably sourced cocoa beans
If you’re looking for a beautiful box of chocolates you really can’t go wrong with Meg & Cisco’s creations. The flavours are just out of this world.

Trentham BakehouseBread, Patisserie, Sandwiches
I often frequent Curtis’ beautifully curated bakery. You won’t anything tastier in the whole of the city.

Staffordshire GinGin distilled right here in Staffordshire
Their Castletown Distillery is hands down the first place I’ll be going for a drink when this storm lifts.

Wnder Chocolate A modern chocolate company with strong environmental and moral values
I’m yet to taste Luke’s incredible chocolate but if it tastes as good as he described it on the Sauce podcast then I can’t blinkin’ wait!



Dougal’s Den A boutique for your pet
Loads of incredible bits and bobs for your pets at this lovely shop in the market town of Leek.

Handmade DogBeautiful handcrafter leads, collars, and bows
Juno is currently styling one of their Harris Tweed collars. It’s beautiful.

HoundsDog shop and groomers
Anya’s doggy heaven is the perfect place to have your pooch washed or treated right here in Newcastle-Under-Lyme


Health and Wellbeing

BecalmedHandmade and natural beauty/lifestyle products
Cera swears by this store and we always have to frequent it when visiting the lovely market town of Leek.

Forever PlanetEco, vegan and plastic-free beauty products
Forget your lynx box set from Tesco, buy some incredibly liberating products to put on your body.

GoapGoats milk soap
I found these at Rode Hall Farmers Market and love their salt bars.


Clothing & Jewellery

Bob JewelleryDrama for your ear places
A jewellery business entirely focused on your ears! Something for Someday and Everyday. Mixed medium adornments.

Eleanor Jewellery Design Eco Silver Jewellery handmade with love in Manchester
Jewellery with a personal handmade touch from the one and only Eleanor.

Holly CrowWomen’s and girls handmade clothing
So good we’re having her make Cera’s wedding dress.

Posner & PosnerHand printer textiles and clothing
Mother and daughter team making beautiful textiles together.

SoSatsumaAn incredible modern knitting clothing brand
Clem’s creations speak for themselves. Made from pure merino wool you won’t find a better way to keep yourself warm this winter.



Bizzybods – Quirky childrens boutique
A thoughtful children’s store in Nantwich town centre.

Libby Bower Gifts Colourful handmade gifts from Nantwich town
I’ve brought too many of Libby’s creations to name. Please, please buy all her stock to save me money at least.

Sew What DadHandmade girls clothing 0-4 years
A small business started by my best friend who wanted to make his daughter some clothes.


Other Ways To Support Small Business

Many may have already done their Christmas shopping or don’t intend to spend what they normally do so here are a couple of different ways to support small business by just giving your time.

Write a Google or Facebook Review

As you’ll know. The first thing we do when looking at visiting somewhere new is to hide behind our phones and read a few quick reviews on the establishment. Very often these can be the real change in making us love somewhere or maybe not even try it.

So give up some time today and write a couple of awesome reviews for your own favourite small business’. It really doesn’t take that long, all you need is a Google or Facebook account to start making a difference today and if you don’t have one of them why don’t you just send a nice direct message exclaiming your love for their small business?

Tell Your Friends and Family About Your Favourite Places

Word of mouth in my industry is a game-changer. I only need one person to say… “Yeah that Adam Lowndes he’s a bit tall but he’s an awesome guy and really made that wedding I was at” and I can almost guarantee a booking so have a think of what shout outs you can do for your favourite small business’ on social media or in your private messaging groups.




Meet the Author, Adam Lowndes

a Wedding Photographer & Public Speaker

I could say my life exists to eat pizza, listen to music and watch films but I’d be lying. People are my life. I can’t physically spend enough time with my fiancée, dog, friends and family. It wasn’t always this way though. Several life-threatening diagnoses to loved ones and extended periods spent working from bedsides in hospitals has taught me even the most normal day is a blessing.

I love stories and storytelling so if you want to chat about a wedding or an event then please feel free to get in touch. I’d seriously love to hear from you.

Adam. x