A Wedding at The Cowshed at Woodhall Farm | Sarah & Paul

A Dark Winter Wedding at Codsall Wood

Sarah & Paul got in touch early in 2019 to look for a photographer for their Cowshed at Woodhall Farm Wolverhampton Wedding. Sarah just so happens to work with one of my best friends so a strong recommendation lined the us and her fiance up for a coffee on a dreary January day. After an hour or two of just chattin’ like we’d known each other for years the decision was left in their hands. It’s fair to say they had me at “hello”.

Throughout the year leading up to their special day we often caught up about the plans of their special day. They were concerned over lighting within the barn to which amongst many other things I provided help with. When it came to our final meeting we were so excited we spent at least 45 minutes talking about the distribution logistics of most of their decorations through the Ikea supply chain. Paul just so happens to work at Ikea so it was a very interesting conversation.

I don’t tend to visit venues beforehand as I just don’t have the time plus the venue will most likely not look the same as it does on the day. Sarah & Paul chose to include a visit from me in their package so I visited just two days before the wedding to capture some setting up photographs. I felt a little more like a wedding planner though as we discussed the correct positioning of their seating arrangement along with many more things. It’s fair to say this before day visit in this case really helped.

The Cowshed at Woodhall Farm Wedding Day Slideshow

How this Woodhall Farm Wedding Unfolded

Up early I met Sarah, her bridesmaids and her parents at Boningale Manor before we were due to head off to The Cowshed. Boningale is a B&B just a stones throw away from the Cowshed. With no on site accommodation you’re left picking between places local to find your base for the big day. I always love arriving in the morning as it allows the parents and bridesmaids to see how I work and usually results in them being a lot comfier during photographs later whether it be candid or groups.

On arrival at the Cowshed at Woodhall Farm it was all pretty relaxed with Paul just putting the final touches to the day. This is the thing about a DIY wedding. There’s no wedding minions for you to pass jobs off to, you set yourself up and if something needs doing like hanging coats up for people then you normally end up doing it yourself or passing this on to a Groomsmen, Usher or Bridesmaid as part of their role. If it not planned to a tee it can be a little painful throughout the day as you may get interrupted to be asked where this is and where that has been put but it can also present a real sense of accomplishment for you as you look back and think, we did that.

From here, the day seemed to all just role quickly through. It was the service then soon after drinks and canapés. Now I often do more than just take photographs on your wedding day and this is a perfect example of that moment as Sarah and Paul had been so excited about the food. So when Paul hadn’t managed to get on Village Coffee’s famous mini burger canapés I went on a hunt for them! Retrieving the last few I presented them and was greeted with absolute jubilation from Paul. Just one of the small ways I want to give you the best day possible.

Following my timing advice the meal and speeches just finished in time for the evening guests arriving at Woodhall Farm which then meant the music to begin. With lots more people to fill up the new dance floor space it was one hell of a night and I was able to capture all manor of photographs.

To say I had fun at this Cowshed wedding day would be a little bit of an understatement. This was my last wedding of the year so apart from my complete love of Sarah & Paul as a couple I was also super excited to put the “icing on the cake” to a fantastic year. I laughed, a lot, chatted with guests, a lot, danced, badly, and just had a completely incredible time.

How I Made The Fairy Light Photograph in The Cowshed

I’m so real with my couples and I find it really important to be this way. I let them know of any issues I may for-see ahead of time as this was we can plan around them and overcome them together rather than me just keeping quiet then them noticing them ahead of time.

The Cowshed at Woodhall Farm is a lovely venue. It really is. Myself and Cera almost chose it for our wedding it’s that nice. The only issue was the service room. It’s a classic stone barn with just 2 or 3 small windows at the rear so it’s very dark inside and the darkest part of the room is the part which you get married by. I explained to Sarah and Paul how this could be a problem and they told me not to worry as a friend they knew was also getting married here and they were having fairy lights across the back wall for extra light.

Confession time. I love fairy lights. They just always look awesome in photographs so when they said this I wasn’t only thinking how awesome it was to have this and not have to worry about the service light no more but how awesome it was as I’d be able to create some really interesting portraits against it.

After a quick portrait session around the grounds of Woodhall Farm we headed inside the Cowshed to create with these interesting fairy lights. I just love the simplicity of the portrait with the silhouettes but enough light to see defining features of Sarah and Paul’s awesome wedding gear which included a custom put together wedding dress and a mix and match suit with an awesome bowtie.

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