A Wedding at The Cowshed at Woodhall Farm | Sarah & Paul

Sarah & Paul got in touch earlier this year to look for a photographer for their Cowshed at Woodhall Farm Wolverhampton Wedding. Sarah just so happens to work with one of my best friends so a strong recommendation lined the three of us up for a coffee on a dreary January day. After an hour or two of just chattin’ like we’d known each other for years the decision was left in their hands. It’s fair to say they had me at “hello”.

Throughout the year leading up to their special day we often caught up about the plans of their special day. They were concerned over lighting within the barn to which amongst many other things I provided help with. When it came to our final meeting we were so excited we spent at least 45 minutes talking about the distribution logistics of most of their decorations through the Ikea supply chain. Paul just so happens to work at Ikea so it was a very interesting conversation.

I don’t tend to visit venues beforehand as I just don’t have the time plus the venue will most likely not look the same as it does on the day. Sarah & Paul chose to include a visit from me in their package so I visited just two days before the wedding to capture some setting up photographs. I felt a little more like a wedding planner though as we discussed the correct positioning of their seating arrangement along with many more things. It’s fair to say this before day visit in this case really helped.

To say I had fun on the day would be a little bit of an understatement. This was my last wedding of the year so apart from my complete love of Sarah & Paul as a couple I was also super excited to put the “icing on the cake” to a fantastic year. I laughed, a lot, chatted with guests, a lot, danced, badly, and just had a completely incredible time.

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