A Wedding at Morrells Wood Farm | Kim & Ryan


Kim & Ryan got in touch last year looking for someone to photograph their amazing Morrells Wood Farm wedding. Word of warning. This Morrells Wood Farm wedding oozes personality. Talk about putting your stamp on your day, Kim and Ryan did just that, then did it some more. With their dog Damson making an appearance, s’mores over an open fire, choreographed dancing and the whole thing taking place on a working farm to name a few of the original moments.

The day was made up of 90% rain with the occasional stormy sky. This really put a spanner in the works for our timings so we just rolled with it and jumped out in between showers to capture some fantastic photographs. The last few weddings I’ve battled with the weather so when it came to this day it was nothing new.

A real highlight of the day was when we did our couples photographs. I normally take my couples out twice. Once before the wedding breakfast where Kim and Ryan were not phased at all by climbing or sitting on giant hay bails to get some great photographs. Then once after the wedding breakfast I suggested we pop our wellies on and go for a wander. I was thinking just around the farm then Kim suggested we head into the woods. I’ve never been in such muddy and wet conditions whilst taking photographs. Once we were in the woods we spotted an awesome field next door to which we used to capture the amazing photograph with the tree.

The evening do was hosted under a cattle shed so we had a glorious stormy nights sky just outside which really felt awesome as everyone pretty much danced under the stars.

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