6 Hours


9 hours


10 Hours


11 Hours


I charge by the hour to make things a little easier. All my work comes with the following:

  • Initial Meeting over coffee or Skype whether you decide to book or go elsewhere.
  • Pre-Wedding Meeting held 1-2 months before the big day where we’ll talk about everything from small details to group photographs.
  • At least 10 Sneak Peeks within 72 hours of your wedding to give you a great glimpse into your day.
  • Online Digital Gallery delivered within 8 weeks and kept online for 1 year to take you up to and beyond your 1st anniversary. See an example gallery here.
  • License for All to download/print everything in high resolution and watermark free. Print your own prints and books if you like.
  • Photograph Count dependable on days events and hours booked. I will build a story based on the events of your day.
  • Professional Editing in line with my unique style whilst also removing small imperfections.
  • UK Mainland Travel & Accommodation included as standard. I love to travel.

6 hour and below weddings are restricted to any date December to March or Monday to Wednesday all year round (excluding Bank Holidays) or last minute bookings with less than 3 months to go.

Add an Extra

  • An Extra Hour – £100
  • Engagement Shoot – £175 2 hour shoot with 50 digital downloads (£200 sold separately)
  • Handmade Story Book – from £395. To access the Handmade Story Book catalogue click here.
  • DuoBooks – from £350. These are parent books which are an exact replica of the main book.
  • 50 “Thank You” or “Save the Date” Postcards – £75
  • 50 “Thank You” Classic Cards – £95
  • Instax Camera Loan with 100 films – £125 +£50 refundable deposit
  • Polaroid Photograph  – £10
How do you work on the day?

My personality was made to be at a wedding. For the majority of the day I’ll just appear as one of the guests. Chatting with people I’ve never met, cracking jokes and also being discreet with my role.
I like to focus on the moments mainly but will take time out to capture those all important family portraits. You won’t notice I’m doing it but I’ll often gently guide situations to gain the most out of my work.

Can we print our photographs and make books ourselves?

YES! Everything in your final gallery is free for you and all your guests to download and print. Try not to be under the illusion of “We’ll just do a book ourselves after the wedding to save money”. Quite honestly; I hardly ever know this to happen.

What if you’re ill?

I’m generally a fit and healthy person (touch wood). We can all take an unexpected turn though. Should I be unable to attend your day the very least I will do is refund the money you have paid. Not including any pre-wedding shoots I have done. Before this though I will contact my emergency cover networks to find you a suitable photographer who I will cover the cost for. All of this will be done openly with constant communication with yourselves.

What if your camera breaks?

I carry multiple cameras, many lens and a many flash guns should anything fail.

We are unsure of how long to book, what would you recommend?

If your wedding is all in one location then I’d book 2 hours prior to service leading up to 1 hour post first dance as a minimum. If it’s across multiple venues then I’d book 3 hours before service to 1 hour post first dance. If you fancy a few more dance photographs you should add 2 hours post first dance. Be mindful of the sunset time if you want sparkler photographs or couple portraits at night.

Are you insured?

Yes I am, if you or your venue would like to see a copy of my certificates then please just ask.

Will you visit our venue beforehand?

It’s rare for me to visit a venue before the date even if I haven’t shot there before. Visiting a venue does spark ideas but quite often due to the season, weather and light these ideas are only useful for the day visited. For every wedding I do extensive venue research. This, combined with your insight, is all I need.

We’re nervous about photographs, would you recommend an engagement shoot?

YES! They are a seriously great way to prepare for your special day. They also give you a great insight in to how I work. Being able to choose the date and time has some serious awesome effects on the final product also.

How many photographs will we get?

I never give an exact number of photographs you will receive. To help me blend in with your day, my photography follows the tempo of the day. Basically, I shoot more when there is more happening and I shoot less when there is less happening. There will be anywhere between 400-1000 photographs based on a 6-11 hour day.

Why don’t we receive anything physical as standard?

I found over the years my couples are all individual and all have different requirements. I’d rather you curate your perfect wedding package by combining my base packages with your preferred extras.

How are our payments broken down?

You pay £200 Non Refundable Booking Fee up front when you agree you want me to photograph your day. This is then deducted from whatever you decide you’d like.

Do you back-up our photographs?

Of course. As soon as I click the shutter, my camera saves the photograph to 2 different memory cards meaning there are 2 copies of the photograph straight away. Once home, I back up to several other devices.
Once your gallery has expired after 1 year, I start to delete the photographs off of my professional storage devices.

Do we need a 2nd photographer?

For days over 100 guests and over multiple locations, I would suggest booking a second photographer. The second photographers I use are professional and work to their own pricing so if you’d like one please reach out to me for a bespoke quote.

How many weddings do you do a year?

I do between 30-40 weddings each year as this number allows me to make a living and still spend time with my partner and my sausage dog.

You sound AWESOME, how do we book?

You’ll need to sign my contract and pay a booking fee to confirm your date with me. But first, let’s meet and just have a chat about you and your day!