Tittesworth Reservoir Family Shoot

Tittesworth Reservoir Family Shoot   The Robertson family contacted me in early February to capture some family photographs for a momentous year in their lives. It was a big birthday celebration for a certain family member which brought them from different ends of the country to celebrate. I’m partial to the family holiday idea and […]

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Rookery Hall Wedding

Rebecca and Mark’s Rookery Hall Wedding Party     Rebecca and Mark got in touch last year in need of a photographer for their ceremony in Jamaica and someone to cover the post elopement Rookery Hall wedding party. Due to personal circumstances I had to opt out of the Jamaica side of things but I […]

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Brecon Beacons Family Escape

Brecon Beacons Family Escape My mother turned 60 in January. Along with the usual celebrations we had a big secret holiday to Zanzibar planned. Due to my partner falling seriously ill midway through last year it was cancelled. None of us even considered it. If we couldn’t go as a unit we weren’t going at […]

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2017: A Year In Review

2017: A Year in Review   Welcome to my 2017 Photography Year Review. This year has been my biggest yet. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster as I expanded beyond my weddings horizon shooting pets, business head shots and more. At the start of the year I met with another photographer friend to talk […]

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Top 5 Wedding Photographs 2017

~ My Top 5 Wedding Photographs of 2017 ~ As part of my Year in Review I have delve back to pick out my top 5 photographs of the year. I hope you enjoy hearing about how the photographs were captured and I’d be honoured if you sent me your comments over on my contact […]

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Tor & Lee’s Christmas Crewe Hall Wedding

Tor & Lee’s Christmas Crewe Hall Wedding   Back in December I shot Tor & Lee’s Christmas Crewe Hall wedding. We started the day with prep at Crewe Hall and their home before moving on to St James’ Church Audley and then consequently moving back to Crewe Hall for the party. Tor & Lee got […]

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Wedding Venue Tips

Wedding Venue Tips Choosing the right venue for your day is very important. It can really make your day a whole lot easier if you pick the ‘right’ venue. I use quotations as I believe any venue can be right depending on what you want from your day. My wedding venue tips are based on […]

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Split image of two wide angle lens wedding photographs

Why I Shoot Wide Angle Wedding Photography

Why I Shoot Wide Angle Wedding Photography Every person has a certain style when it comes to cultivating work. Photographers being visual artists obviously have a much more obvious style when it comes to their work. This is very often the subconscious reason why someone chooses a certain photographers work over another. My style is […]

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Holdfast money maker wedding photography what's in my bag photograph featured photo for blog

What’s in my Wedding Photography Bag?

What’s in my Wedding Photography Bag? Pt. I This blog is for the enthusiasts, the fellow wedding photographers and anyone else who may want a glimpse into my wedding photography bag. This blog is a pt. I of a two part blog. I’ll cover my basics in this blog and then go into more detail […]

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Toddler wrapped in blanket at Queens Park

Autumnal Family Shoot

Chelsea & Tom’s Autumnal Family Shoot   Last year, Chelsea and Tom booked me to do their wedding photography in 2018 at The Ashes a Staffordshire wedding venue. We also got to organise and shoot what started life as an autumnal engagement shoot last year. Having only recently brought a new life into the world. They wanted […]

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iphone replace dslr cameras featured image for blog

Can the iPhone replace DSLR cameras?

Can the iPhone replace DSLR cameras? Intro So a lot of people make a joke at weddings, they ask “When will the iPhone replace DSLR cameras as they are  just as good aren’t they?”. I recently upgraded my phone game and after several years with the sturdy 5s I went for the glamorous upgrade and […]

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Groomsmen laughing at Belle Epoque Wedding

Nicola & Darrel’s Relaxed Belle Epoque Wedding

Relaxed Belle Epoque Wedding   Nicola and Darrel found me through a recommendation before booking myself for their Belle Epoque Wedding in Knutsford, Cheshire. They wouldn’t mind me saying they were very relaxed about wedding planning. We spent most of the wedding consultation playing with the Smart gadgets they had setup in their lounge. I […]

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Ironbridge Autumnal Engagement Shoot

Autumnal Ironbridge Engagement Shoot

Autumnal Ironbridge Engagement Shoot     On a beautiful Autumn morning I set off to meet Adam & Jessica for their Ironbridge Engagement Shoot.  I chose an Ironbridge Engagement Shoot as it’s near-ish to where Adam & Jessica live and with the type of place that it is it has an endless opportunity for photographs. […]

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Prism Wedding Photography shot of Bride and Groom

Alicia & Sam’s Quaint Village Hall Wedding

Alicia & Sam’s Quaint Village Hall Wedding   On the 2nd of September I shot a wedding I’d been looking forward to for a good while. Alicia and Sam tied the knot at Swan Bank Church in Tunstall before going on to Brown Edge Village Hall for their reception. I love a good village hall […]

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Trentham Gardens Engagement Photograph of the a ring

Mel & Adam’s Trentham Estate Engagement Shoot

An Autumnal Trentham Estate Engagement Shoot   Mel got in touch after seeing my photographs from a friends wedding on Facebook. We met three days prior to the wedding that I’d just shot and grabbed a coffee to talk about their special day in 2 years time. Straight from the off I knew that we’d […]

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Silhouette of Bride and Groom at Moddershall Oaks Wedding

Tasmine & Ben’s Post Elopement Party

Tasmine & Ben’s Post Elopement Party   On Sunday the 17th of September I captured photographs for Tasmine & Ben’s Post Elopement Party at Moddershall Oaks Country Spa. They tied the knot a couple of weeks before in Cyprus. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to show my dance moves in the Med but I […]

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Formby Beach Engagement Shoot Photograph

A Windswept Formby Beach Engagement Shoot

A Windswept Formby Beach Engagement Shoot   Jessica and Graham got in touch earlier this year for their wedding in May 2019 at Crewe Hall. After booking the date over Skype we also planned a Formby Beach Engagement Shoot just north of where they live on the wirral. I’m really keen to be the type […]

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Daniel & Laura’s Weston Hall Wedding

Rain Dodging at a Weston Hall Wedding   On the 30th of July 2017 I attended the lovely Wedding of Laura & Dan at St. Marks Church in Basford and then onto the beautiful Weston Hall wedding venue! That’s two Weston Hall Weddings in one month! I love how contrasted the photographs are though, a […]

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QT Albums Book Blog Adam Lowndes Photography

Handmade Wedding Story Books from QT Albums

Handmade Story Books from QT Albums For a good while I’ve been looking and searching for a new book supplier and I’m super excited that I’ve finally found one. I’ll be working with the fabulous QT Albums to bring you insanely beautiful Handmade Story Books that capture the best day of your lives.   Why I’ve […]

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Bride and Groom with big balloons in Sandbach Town Park Wedding

Angela & Thys’ Colourful Sandbach Wedding

Angela & Thys’ Sandbach Wedding   Taking a trip back to the past today with this one. In 2015 I photographed the Sandbach Wedding of Angela and Thys. It was one of the best times I’ve ever had at a wedding and mainly because I got on so well with the Bride and Groom. They […]

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Wedding day timings

Wedding Timings Planner Tips

Wedding Timings Planner Tips The first thing I’ll say is this wedding timings planner is based upon photography. You may have already decided on a certain wedding timings planner because it means something to you or brings out a part of your personality. Don’t worry about it! Your day is all about you so let […]

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Bride and Groom in field at Tern Hill Hall Wedding

Louise & James’ Tern Hill Hall Wedding

Louise & James’ Tern Hill Hall Wedding   In July I shot the lovely wedding of Louise and James at All Saints Church in Madeley and the newly refurbished Tern Hill Hall wedding venue. Louise got in touch after seeing one of my photographs from a previous wedding on Facebook. We met up for coffee […]

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Adam Lowndes Photography Tall

Having a Tall Photographer for your Wedding

Having a Tall Photographer for your Wedding   Ok, ok this is a slightly satirical piece… I’ve toyed and toyed with the idea of including 6,7ft human selfie stick tall photographer as a bullet point in my pricing for a long time now and it’s come to the point where it needs to be in. […]

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rainy Aberdovey wedding

Alice & Ceri’s Aberdovey Wedding

Alice & Ceri’s Quaint Aberdovey Wedding   In February 2017 I photographed the delightful Aberdovey Wedding of Alice & Ceri at Bethel Methodist Church and Neaudd Dyfi. Aberdovey is an absolutely beautiful place. It’s a small mostly holiday rental town in mid Wales just at the foot of the Snowdonia National Park. The most exciting […]

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Editing Examples from Adam Lowndes Photography

My Editing Style

Don’t Undervalue a Good Editing Style   When I meet my couples I normally have my iPad with me where I carry Before/After edited photographs to show my couples why a great editing style is really important. By people’s reactions I don’t think they quite understand the commitment taken towards each and every photograph. In […]

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Girl and horse Derbyshire pet shoot

Pepsi & Pippa’s Derbyshire Pet Shoot

Pepsi & Pippa’s Derbyshire Pet Shoot   Back in the Summer I ran a Pet Shoot Competition to broaden my portfolio. I wanted photographs of pet breeds that I’d never photographed before so I put the word out on Facebook and was inundated with requests. As you can probably tell it wasn’t hard to pick […]

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Weston Hall Wedding Photography

Matthew & Laura’s Weston Hall Wedding

I Become Part of the Family at a Weston Hall Wedding   On Saturday the 16th of July 2017 I attended the perfect wedding of Matthew and Laura at the forever friendly St. Thomas’ Church, Penkhull and the characterful Weston Hall wedding venue in Stafford. It’s so awesome to get a recommendation from someone to […]

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Corn Field Engagement Shoot Photograph

Becca & Ashley’s Derbyshire Wheat Field Engagement Shoot

Wheat Field Engagement Shoot   In the Summer 0f 2017 I drove an hour to photograph Becca & Ashley’s wheat field engagement shoot. We met at their wedding venue for next year, Morley Hayes Golf Club. When we first met we were discussing a suitable location for their engagement shoot and Ashley suggested that we […]

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Hanchurch Woods Pet Shoot

Hanchurch Woods Pet Shoot with Jasper   Everyone knows I’m a massive dog lover and if you don’t then head over to my About page to hear about my love my miniature dachshund Juno. Me, Dave, Beth and Jasper have been meaning to get together to do this shoot for a while. It just so […]

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Kirsty & Mitchell’s Trentham Gardens Engagement Shoot

Springtime Trentham Gardens Engagement Shoot   Kirsty & Mitchell made contact with me through my Facebook page. We exchanged a multitude of messages about the big day and after I was done with being in hospital (minor procedure) and they were done with holidaying we met up for a coffee. We all really hit it off […]

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Couple pose in ferns at Hanchurch Woods Engagement Shoot

Stef & Rick’s Hanchurch Woods Couple Shoot

Stef & Rick’s Hanchurch Woods Couple Shoot   Stef, my sister asked me if I would photograph her and her husband Rick for a Hanchurch Woods Couple Shoot. They are soon to move on to a new adventure in a whole new country, well sort of, a mean Wales is a country but the way I […]

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an alternative stag do road trip

The Alternative Stag Do

The Alternative Stag Do Something a little different this week which I thought would be a great share considering it’s Wedding based. During Easter this year I participated in a 8 day whistle stop tour of France, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In short, me and two friends travelled in a car to Berlin, Germany and […]

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Silhouette Moddershall Oaks Wedding

Moddershall Oaks Country Spa Retreat Wedding

Moddershall Oaks Country Spa Retreat Wedding   On Thursday the 6th of April 2017 I attended the beautiful day of Andrew and Sarah at the lovely Moddershall Oaks Country Spa Retreat. Andrew and Sarah found me through a recommendation from a photographer friend. Picking out a Wedding Photographer is a personal decision. Therefore you can […]

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choose a wedding date blog

How to choose a Wedding Date

How to choose a Wedding Date My couples often ask me how to choose the perfect wedding date so I’ve decided to write a blog about it. The UK is settled in a beautiful location that never suffers the wrath of the weather too much. We have downpours for weeks on end and the country […]

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Couple laughing Keele Hall Engagement Shoot

Katie & Mark’s Keele Hall Engagement Shoot

A Trip Down Memory Lane Keele Hall Engagement Shoot   This year on the 12th of March, I attended a Keele Hall Engagement Shoot. Katie & Mark have booked me for their wedding next year at The Heath House.They then expressed interest in having an Keele Hall Engagement Shoot done so that they could send […]

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Adam Lowndes my inspiration

Who Inspires Me?

Who Inspires Me? I thought it appropriate to write a blog about who inspires me. I wrote a lot in my about me about inspirations so check that out also. I really connect to people and their purpose and if I don’t know their purpose I can’t buy in to their stories, products or personality. We need people and […]

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Penmaenpool toll bridge wedding photograph

Emily & Steve’s Rustic Bwyty Mawddach Wedding

A Rustic Bwyty Mawddach Wedding     On the 28th of May 2016 I photographed the intimate, rustic Mawddach wedding of Emily & Steven. The stunning Bwyty Mawddach Restaurant hosted the whole wedding.  Nestled in the hillside of the beautiful estuary this small venue is just a stones throw away from Dolgellau and Barmouth. Before […]

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Bride and Groom in horse and carriage at The Upper House Barlaston Wedding

Sarah & Josh’s Traditional Upper House Wedding

A Traditional Upper House Wedding     Last year on the 12th of August I photographed the lovely Upper House wedding of Sarah & Josh. St Mary’s and All Saints Church in Trentham held the service. The reception was at the wonderful Upper House wedding venue at Barlaston. Sarah and Josh were very keen to have a […]

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5 best wedding movies

My Top 5 Wedding Movies

My Top 5 Wedding Movies It’s time for something a little different than the usual posts. People who have read my about page will know I have big love for the silver screen. Which is why I’ve decided to write about what I believe the top 5 wedding movies to be. The love started to […]

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Groom selfie at Swank Bank Church Wedding

A Light-Hearted Moddershall Oaks Wedding

A Light-Hearted Moddershall Oaks Wedding   Last year on Saturday the 10th of September I photographed the incredibly fun Moddershall Oaks wedding of Jessica & Simon. Meeting Jessica & Simon for the first time I knew I wanted to photograph their wedding. They were so in love and really excited about all the ideas we […]

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A Vintage Sandon Hall Wedding

A Vintage Sandon Hall Wedding   On the 27th of October I photographed Sean and Holly’s truly wonderful Sandon Hall Wedding. Sandon Hall is a country mansion in Stafford, Staffordshire. Sandon Hall isn’t the type of venue I would describe as purpose built for weddings. Home to the Harrowby family since 1776 and now shared  […]

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Relaunch of my Brand

Dawn of a New Day | Adam Lowndes Photography The time has come to start a fresh. Adam Lowndes Photography needs a fresh look and a defined path on where to head next. For this reason I decided to do a complete rebrand of my website, logo and a few other things.     Where […]

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