A Wedding at Weston Hall | Laura & Daniel

On the 30th of July 2017 I attended the lovely Staffordshire Wedding of Laura & Dan at St. Marks Church in Basford and then onto the beautiful Weston Hall wedding venue! That’s two Weston Hall Weddings in one month! I love how contrasted the photographs are though, a completely different couple with a completely different personality.

Laura and Dan found me through the best way, recommendations from friends. I know I say it an awful lot but you have no idea how powerful your voice is. We met in 2016 at their house and I was smothered with love from their Labrador, Pumpkin (love that name). Needless to say I had a lot to explain for when I returned home and my dog could smelt another on me!

I have to admit I love a good lifehack. I’m also a bit of a freak organiser, planner and tidier! Often on wedding days I get faced with minor issues and it’s always awesome solving those problems. The issue this time was where to hang the dress, which is a common issue, there were no picture rails or features on walls that allowed for the hanging in a sensible place. I refused to succumb to the curtain rail as a hanging location as I hate back lighting the dress so I came up with a genius plan to hang it from the loft hatch by two other hangers, take a look at the image below to see how I did it.

7 days before Laura & Dan were due to tie the knot we met up to talk final planning, timings and just catch up about what had been going on for the passed year. At this final meeting we always hash out timings for the day but as expected these never go in the exact order that you hope. The rain had been on and off all morning and when I arrived at the Bridal Prep it had just gone off and the sun was booming.  Once we left the church I could see that we were on the cusp of a downpour so I ushered all the guests off to Weston Hall and I decided to shoot the couple shots a lot earlier than planned. It worked quite nicely also as I could tell that the service meant a lot to Laura and Dan so a few photographs in the church and outside would really reflect an important part of the day and also provide a different kind of couple portrait. We exploited the inside and the outside of the venue and made the most of the blue skies which were soon to pass. As we set off for Weston Hall the heavens opened. Once we got to the venue we had around 60 minutes to let Laura and Dan mingle then capture all group shots before the rain started pouring again. Luckily by the time it came it was also time for the Wedding Breakfast. After the breakfast we chose to shoot the Bridal party shots inside and they really paid off. This is just one example of how I deal with the weather at a wedding.

Laura and Dan let on that there would be a secret firework display for all guests at the end of the night and if I could capture an image of them enjoying it then it would make their night. Rather than take a fairly average behind the heads looking up kind of shot I wanted to do something a little different. I’ve obviously been obsessed with back lighting my couples just recently and prior to this photo I was using external flash around the dance floor to light dancers from different angles. So just before the fireworks I rushed out to get my spot and test fired a couple of shots. I put Laura and Dan on a half turn and had them stand slightly apart so that you could see their silhouettes clearly. I didn’t want to ruin the firework experience so I only shot for the first 20 seconds of the fireworks then left them be. I’m a big believer in not being a massive interruption in your day but still capturing the beautiful photographs. After the fireworks had cleared we then carried on with the back lit photographs as we had smoke rolling in from the fireworks, it created a beautiful atmospheric moment.


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