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Alcumlow Barn Wedding | Becca & Rob

Sunsets and Smoke Bombs at Alcumlow Wedding Barn

Becca & Rob got in touch in just after New Year in 2018 looking for a photographer to capture their Alcumlow Barn wedding. They were another dog loving couple so from the off we spoke about our love for all things four legged and dopey.

Ever since I started seeing photographs of Alcumlow Wedding Barn I’d wanted to shoot there. It is such a lovely venue and looks to become one of my normal stomping grounds with a further three couples already booked in with me.

Waiting since early 2018 to capture this lovely Alcumlow wedding day has been hard but it was well worth it. Becca & Rob have been such strong believers in my work since the off and I was so pleased to do my normal awesome job for them. I got to Becca in the morning at 09:30 where her, her bridesmaids and her mum were getting ready. Alcumlow Wedding Barn has a huge getting ready room and it was amazing to photograph in with its white walls, huge windows and mirrors galore everywhere. Becca made a great choice in all three of her bridesmaids who all added so much to the day and especially the morning in bringing jokes and laughter to calm the nerves.

With a small guest list of no more than 40 this really was an intimate Alcumlow Wedding Barn day. All those 40 people though counted for at least 3 normal guests each. Bringing their love and joy to each moment Becca and Rob were never short of clapping, whooping and just overall love flowing everywhere. Pick your guest list wisely, it matters so much.


Alcumlow Wedding Barn Slideshow

A few of my Favourite Moments from this Congleton Wedding

I love unique moments at weddings and this one definitely wasn’t short of them. During the service in the Alcumlow Skeleton Chapel Becca’s veil suddenly caught the wind and flew up. Being sure something is always about to happen I caught the shot just in time. I love that it reveals the detail on the back of Becca’s Enzoani dress also as this can sometimes not be seen when you have such a long veil.

Later on in the service they did the usual first kiss and straight after I knew I had it I turned my camera to Becca’s side of the family who were emphatically laughing, cheering and clapping with joy. Such a great moment.

As I tell all my couples I’d rather steal you away for small moments and not hours so when the sun started to set and the sky came alive I had to get a photograph of it. Just outside the the Skeleton Wedding Chapel at Alcumlow Barn they have a high fence. To get Becca and Rob’s silhouettes into the sunset I used a chair for them to stand on which then lifted them into the right height for the window. This Chapel is such a massive feature to Alcumlow Wedding Barn that I just had to use it.

There were so many more moments all day like Rob & Becca’s dogs visiting with Pip’s Pet Care and the children at the wedding performing handstands in the doorway of the barn to name a few. If I wrote about them all I’d be here for another 400 paragraphs.

Being an Alcumlow Barn Wedding Photographer

Going to a new venue is always exciting as I get to stamp it with my own unique style. Something which is always a mystery though is the team working behind the scenes at the venue. As a rare moment I’d already heard how great their events manager was from one of my other brides as Charlie, the even manager, was the reason they booked it for their day.

On the day Charlie and her team at Alcumlow ran the day so smoothly and the whole place looked spotless. They did this with such a relaxed vibe also and there was never a moment of panic throughout. It wasn’t until later on when I also met one of the Alcumlow Barn owners and got talking to him about his travels and his eventual decision which led him down the path of building the barn and everything else by himself. A truly amazing story which definitely reflects across the venue as you see such a personal touch across the whole venue.

Alcumlow Wedding Barn boasts a really incredible skeleton wedding chapel where you can say I Do under the sometimes lovely weather. This structure simply flawed me. Without it you’re just getting married on a patio but with a few very simplistic looking metal outlines you really get a much grander feel. It’s possibly the best outside venue for an outdoors wedding service. Usually they have a structure at the end to do the legal bit but with the contrast of light to dark under the structure this can often give a very stark difference in the photographs. With Alcumlow choosing to do their legal part inside you’re able to capture the whole thing in the lovely glow of the sun.

The Skeleton Wedding Chapel at Alcumlow isn’t the only thing which makes the venue unique. They also have an amazing dance floor with a speaker system in the false ceiling which seems to contain the sound really well to one part of the room meaning you can sit nearby and still have a conversation.

The Alcumlow Wedding Barn team are also super accommodating to all requests as we set off 8 smoke bombs here and lit sparklers. If you’re looking for one of the best wedding venues in Staffordshire then you won’t go far wrong with Alcumlow Wedding Barn.

Planning your special day at Alcumlow Wedding Barn?

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