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Ashes Barns Wedding Photography | Saff & Sam

A February Wedding at Ashes Barns

Myself and Saff met in a previous life when I used to work in retail. It wasn’t until I left when we actually started to speak a little more. I was expanding my photography and photographed her Sam, Pippa (dog) and Pepsi (horse) for a spot of pet photography which soon got pushed by the wayside for more wedding photography in the end. Anyway, following that awesome shoot Sam asked Saff to marry him, or was it before? Not quite sure there but I’d pretty much taken a mini engagement shoot for them so without hesitation Saff booked me for her Ashes Barns wedding in 3 years time!

With Saff also going through struggles with her health like Cera in the past it soon became more of a friendship between us as she reached out to me many of times whilst Cera was in hospital. A real care for the others around her and even those on the edge like myself is what makes Saff such an awesome person. Sam’s a bit all right too haha. Seriously he’s a true gent and so into their relationship. It’s beautiful to watch them together.

So the wedding day approaches and I’m finally back at the Ashes Barns after a two year hiatus. It’s funny how these things go. I’ll work at a venue then not visit for ages then drop in later on. It’s great as it shows an awesome progression of my work since my last visit. As fate would have it my Ashes Barns weddings are none existent again up until 2022 when I return for another wedding there. I must be on some kind of 2 year waiting list.

Laughter and Personality Full Photography

I don’t think I’ve ever actually been to a wedding with as much laughter as this. I could barely take a photograph without some cracking a chuckle. Whether it was Saff and Sam or their bridal entourage or even the guests. It was a wedding full of laughter producing oh so magical portraits.

With road works nearby I just scraped to the venue on time but I was alone. Saff and her bridesmaids actually got caught in the same mess and didn’t arrive for 10 or so more minutes. This gave me loads of time to photograph Saff’s incredible decorations and the spectacular flower arrangements from Varnish & Sprigs who I also worked with on Jade and Aaron’s wedding last year.

On arrival it was a quick dash for the bridsmaids/Koala into the Ashes Dressing Room before Sam arrived in a very noisy Mustang. From there on the day just flowed so fast and with hot chocolate, Staffordshire oatcake canapés, and a dash of rain it felt some warm and wintery.

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