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A Wedding at Crewe Hall | Jessica & Graham

A Lot of Laughter at a Crewe Hall Wedding

Jessica & Graham got in touch around two years ago so this Crewe Hall wedding was always going to be well planned and a lovely relaxed affair. After meeting the two of them in person at Formby Beach for their engagement shoot we got on like a house on fire. We had some slight mishaps with the tide almost soaking us but this only brought great laughter when introducing me as the photographer who almost drowned them!

We started the day in the Gooseberry suite at Crewe Hall. With a beautiful sleeved Brides of Chester dress, a pair of incredible Irregular Choice shoes and a stunning bouquet from Flower Passion,  Jessica was ready and raring! Being all in the same venue at Crewe Hall I was able to dance between Jessica and Graham in the morning getting the best of both worlds for photographs. A true benefit of having your venue all in one place. We then had the service in the gorgeous Library which overlooks the side gardens of Crewe Hall. A lovely service which was full of loads of little special moments which made awesome photographs. See if you can spot the reflection I intended to capture in the service. I always love grabbing all the major moments but I also love playing as I call it. Once I’ve caught all the major shots I can have a play with what’s around me and the inanimate mirrored tissue box becomes a bit of a tool in my work.

After the service we had a really great lull period where everyone could just chill out and chat together outside on the Crewe Hall rear terrace in the not too hot but still warm early summer breeze. This made my Crewe Hall wedding photography super easy as I just wandered from group to group grabbing portraits here there and everywhere.

The reception wedding breakfast was served in Crewe Hall’s stunning long gallery but before we got to this we had a great mixture of speeches with the usual layout and an added Maid of Honour. With tears, poems and great anecdotes I was having a field day grabbing some great emotive portraits.

After the wedding breakfast had been served we had some more time to just wander the grounds at Crewe Hall. The main drive way leading up to the grand hall has always been a favourite of mine as the trees which line it carve light in such interesting ways.

Being a Crewe Hall Wedding Photographer alongside a Videographer

Working alongside Joseph from Perfect Day Productions we had the dream team to be able to capture some great photographs. Working alongside someone else who’s also interested in the same angles can be really hard as you are often competing for space, luckily something Crewe Hall has an abundance of.

Jess & Graham made a great decision to choose someone very similiar to myself and we worked alongside incredibly well meaning we both got what we wanted. I always love working with someone else who has a similiar but different vision as we can both pull on each others ideas. Like they always say, two heads is better than one.

A Crewe Hall Wedding Day Slideshow

Lovin’ Life Photographing a Wedding at Crewe Hall

Crewe Hall is a fairytale wedding venue through and through. It’s the kind of regal hall I imagine many young girls see themselves getting married in. It’s just got the star quality to it. Although it lacks the blank canvas look of many of the new style wedding barns it’s steeped history always brings interesting lighting combinations along with medieval-esque tones in the backdrops which sure do make a couple stand out!

Constructed in the 1600s as one of the first brick homes in the area by Ranulph Crewe, it boasts some unbelievable stone and wooden carvings around the whole hall. Including Queen Victoria and William Shakespeare amongst others carved into miniature statues around the Library where you can say I do. Imagine committing your future history to someone else in a room full of it’s own 400+ year history, pretty incredible feeling if you ask me.

Crewe Hall’s gardens and grounds are so incredible it means when I return time and time again I still have fresh ideas with new environments to explore.

With trends passing Crewe Hall by it still strongly has a grip on a real special type of wedding day which I absolutely love to photograph.

Planning a Crewe Hall wedding?

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