Why Me?

My couples book me because;

  • They get an insanely excited 6,7 extravert who is incredibly overjoyed by being a part of their ideal wedding plans.
  • It’s a super stress free experience before, during and after their wedding.
  • Awesome photos of the two of them are taken in minutes not hours.
  • The photographs show everyones personality and not a pose.
  • Lovely family portraits take minimal time.
  • A gallery full of photographs is delivered which they, their family and their friends can all download.
  • It’s all just No Fuss, but a lot of Fun!

Does this sound like you? If so , feel free to skip right ahead and drop me an email.

“From start to finish Adam was absolutely amazing! His work is so modern, unique and diverse. We simply think the world of his work. We cannot recommend him enough!”

Jade & Aaron

My Style

If you wanted to use those fancy photography words then I suppose you could say I’m a fusion of creative and contemporary photography mixed in with a strong passion/desire for more documentary.

You’ll see many inspirations within my work but most of my creating feels natural and in keeping with my surroundings. To be able to do this I pre-plan your day to my beyond high standard.

Arriving to your day with my pre-wedding playlist pumping through my ears is the usual way I leave the world behind and focus whole heartedly on you.

From here I’m just another guest you happened to invite to your day. Laughing, chatting, joking and crying along to the beat of the memories you create I manage to find the photography from within by immersing myself within your day.

For the regimented moments of the day I will come forward and construct family portraits in a timely manner not letting them overshadow your joy and fun.

Disappearing for 5-10 minutes here and there is my favourite way to capture photographs of just the two of you. I just want you to be so bloody happy and be be yourself. There’s really not much else to it.

By the end I’ve given it my all but will always check in with you two to make sure everything is caught before heading off.

The road doesn’t finish here though. Editing for me is as much a part of your day as the photographs. It’s my passion then to inject even more colour into those bowties and floral arrangements to make them stand out from the crowd even more so than before.

Through pre-work, photographing on the day, editing and the connection we build throughout I’m able to create each individual wedding.

“Throughout the process he seeks to eliminate stress, and time and again proves that your photography is in a safe pair of hands.”

Joanne & James

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Your plans and your ideas are so important to me and I’d love to hear them.

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