A Wedding at Aston Marina Boat House | Tamsin & Tom

Tamsin & Tom’s Aston Marina wedding has been a long time coming and it’s one I’ve had the pleasure of watching intermittently grow. Myself and Tamsin went to the same high school so knew each other from there but I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Tom till a good few years later.

Tamsin’s first look at my wedding photography was way back at the start of my journey in 2013 when I shot Ali & Sylvi’s Cranage Hall wedding. Tamsin played the role of Bridesmaid and since then has reappeared in many more weddings I’ve shot over the years. Although we don’t “hang out” I think it’s safe to say we (and now Tom) have a pretty good foundation friendship. After I saw they got engaged on the old Facebook I did something I don’t really normally do…I dropped Tamsin a coy message congratulating her on engagement and then might have dropped a subtle hint of wedding photography in there. Yes I am ashamed but these guys are just my kind of couple. Full of love for each other which extends through their family and friends so I knew it would be a wedding I would be able to fully embed my style into. Shortly after my message I got one back saying…”Don’t worry Adam, you’ve got the gig ;)” JACKPOT, shame still there but JACKPOT nonetheless!

So this brings us to the special day. As expected so much love going around and happy faces everywhere. First we (not me them) tied the knot at my most shot church, Swan Bank Methodist Church in Tunstall. No matter how many times I return I still love seeing what difference I can add. Then on the opposite end it was my first time shooting at the newly installed (not so new but new to me) wedding venue at Aston Marina and I loved it. Vast open spaces with water and barges to boot. Then a lovely blank canvas of a room with feature lighting where the party was full to the brim.

Can we do it again?

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