My Christmas & New Year to Remember

A lot of years Christmas has come and gone quite quickly. I’ve blinked and it’s been over. Following one of the toughest Christmas’ ever last year I knew this one was going to be special. Last Year I spent Almost all of December at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital with Sarah (my partner) whilst she had her life saving stem cell transplant to replace the Leukaemia which had consumed her body. I exchanged presents at her bedside on Christmas Day and spent New Years Eve night sleeping alone in a charity funded flat so I could go back and see her in the morning.

Fast forward to this Christmas and New Year just past Sarah’s health has now returned to a somewhat normal state. We therefore traded the hospital for a big family Christmas all gathered around one table. We then spent numerous days in Wales for New Years visiting more family and friends which was beyond special.

After returning on the 3rd we took a big sigh at how great it had been. Whilst being away I’ve been seeing friends in the field posting updated work and offers to entice new customers. Even though all of my current work is up to date I couldn’t help feeling behind the curve of the industry. Giving myself time away at Christmas and New Years has been truly special and also reminded me why I got into this job in the first place. I absolutely love being a Wedding Photographer as not only do I love the job but I love the freedom it gives me. Personal goals of only doing up to 40 weddings a year allows me the down time to process life and then produce better work when I’m back in the field. Never again do I want time with family to be gone in the blink of an eye as one day it will be gone. If I feel I’m behind the curve, then this is fine as I know my work will benefit when I return.

Coupled with a fantastic year for my business it could not have been a better year and will be one I’ll remember forever.

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