My Family Escape to Powys

There’s a lot of reasons I love what I do. I love taking photographs, I love being a part of the most joyous day of people’s lives, i love hearing reactions from my photographs but I think most of all I love the flexibility of my job. The ability to just pick up and escape whenever I feel with an abundance of planning or very little at all. This unpredictable side makes my work days the most unique work days I’ve ever experienced.

I still have meetings and weddings which are fixed schedules in my calendar, but around these main attractions I can pick up and go. My office is the most portable it has ever been. I probably only do 50% of my office work at home. The rest is done all over the place. Although I love my office this is such a fantastic feature to have. Quite often my work days don’t feel like work days and this is exactly how I’d hoped it would be. I can answer emails, edit photographs, and update my website from anywhere with reasonable mobile signal or solid WiFi. Portability is going to keep me fresh and not hold me back.

So all this optimal life talk brings me round to a recent escape. Myself and my partner have been meaning to visit my sister and brother in law for so long but due to my partners health this has not been wise. Finally we were in a position recently to get a visit on the cards. We picked out a random May weekend and headed on our way to their new little home in Montgomery, Wales.

Over the years I’ve done my fair share of traveling. Visiting somewhere due to it’s history or current popularity is never really enough for me. It’s easy to feel lonely in New York City and on the other hand easy to feel part of an ancient fiesta tradition whilst surrounded by 99.9% super friendly Menorcan locals. It’s not the places which make our memories but the people.

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