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A Fairlawns Hotel Wedding in Walsall | Shannon & Dan

Tattoos and Pinks at a Fairlawns Hotel Wedding

Early last year Shannon & Dan made the trip to come and see me up in Stoke-on-Trent to see if I was the photographer they wanted for their Fairlawns Hotel wedding. We laughed over coffee chatting about how we both just wanted a fun day without stress. Luckily enough Shannon & Dan invited me along for their adventure and I was so happy to be involved.

I’d not photographed at Fairlawns Hotel & Spa before but after a quick Google search I knew we wouldn’t struggle for photographs. On the day it was decorated immaculately by Emex Events. The day started out at Shannon’s parents home in Walsall. It felt like a rather big a spacious home but add in 4 Bride Tribe, mum, dad, kids galore and a big St Bernard named Ebony and we soon got cosy. I love being surrounded by loads of people though, I can get some great candids.

The greatness of this morning was the fact Dan was only a short walk away getting ready. Myself, The Maid of Honour Chantelle, and The Man of Honour Dan headed over to deliver a gift and then we also brought Shannon one back. It was a great moment to get a dual aspect in the morning.

After a traditional service at St Gabriels and piles of smiles and confetti we headed over to Fairlawns Hotel and Spa for the reception. With the rain threatening us we made sure to grab portraits quickly. I’d even done a quick shot or two of Shannon & Dan at the church just incase. This was all just a safety net though as the sun started to appear more and more throughout the day. Whenever I shoot a couple with children it’s always really important to me to grab them a really nice family portrait. I love this one with their daughter eating a cupcake, it’s a stalk bit of reality within the photo and one which I’m sure will be laughed at time and time again.

A Fairlawns Hotel Wedding Day Slideshow

Being a Fairlawns Wedding Photographer

Once I’d done all the family portraits and everyone was just mingling I had a wander around the grounds at the Fairlawns and scoped out some spots for a few photographs later on. Surrounded by two huge pylon lines there were only two directions I could shoot in if I wanted the sky which mixed with the sun direction is a barrier to overcome.

Whilst I dealt with the strange electricity cables above our heads Shannon & Dan were ready and raring whenever I was and had such a great connection which made being a Fairlawns wedding photographer an absolute pleasure.

Dan was so worried about the photographs before hand and it was so great to watch him come round to the idea throughout the day. I was obviously excited about creating and he was excited to help this process which only made my photographs even better.

Opening my own Creche at my Next Wedding

I absolutely love children at weddings. They have their own day going on and they don’t give two whatsits about yours. This can be frustrating when you’re trying to get that family portrait but it can often be awesome as they overact in so many ways and do things adults just don’t. When they’re happy they’re super happy and when they’re sad they’re balling their eyes out which both translate really easily to photographs.

Getting them not to hide from the camera when they spot it though is a fine art. I’ll often grab the portrait before they know but sometimes I like them staring the camera down and for them to do this they need to feel comfortable just like any adult. It’s just adults understand the concept of wedding photograph and children don’t

In between the wedding breakfast courses at Fairlawns all the children were running wild in the bar room where I was chilling. It only took two seconds for us to be making silly photographs and letting them do it which they always love. This then enables loads more portraits later on when I get down low to grab them dancing on the dancefloor. It’s all a thing of trust and getting it is a fine art which has nothing to do with photography but everything to do with wedding photography.

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