A Wedding in Glossop | Kerry & Tom

Kerry & Tom got in touch looking for a photographer to capture their Church and Italian Restaurant Wedding in Glossop and Gatley. Me and Kerry chatted back and forth like old friends before her and Tom decided to book.

Originally Kerry & Tom had made plans to to have their day at another venue but at last minute the venue through a curve ball and they were left scarpering around for places. In the end they took an unconventional choice to book their favourite Italian restaurant for their reception. A lot of restaurants offer this service but it’s often overlooked

Before the day I met Tom & Kerry for an engagement shoot on one of Tom’s business’ holiday barges. It was a scorcher of a day and we had such an awesome time. This was such a great way to meet them and also see how our personalities worked together.

By the time the wedding came around I felt like we’d been friends for years. Joining the day at Kerry’s mums quaint cottage in the middle nowhere Little Hayfield. In a lovely homely living room Kerry, her bridesmaids and her mother got ready. Welcomed with a cup of tea it was sure to be a grand day.

After the prep I met Tom at St James’ Church in Glossop for a lovely service. Faith was an important part in Kerry & Tom’s day and the service was a lovely celebration. After this we were dicing with the English weather as we squeezed in confetti and some family portraits before shooting off to a local park to capture their couple portraits. Before we left though I made sure to grab at least a couple of portraits outside and in the church just incase where we were heading was a washout. There are some incredible grounds and gardens to venues around the country but obviously these come with a price tag. With a little bit of creative eye and a spare 30 minutes on the way to the venue we were able to create some fantastic portraits which could have been taken anywhere.

Once we arrived at Piccolo Italian in Glossop it was incredible. I mean, I love pizza so to be seeing pizza flying round as a posed to canapés was a freakin’ awesome idea. The team at Piccolo had done an insane job of decorating the venue also and it looked spectacular. It was just the right size and in the evening there was atmosphere everywhere and people spilling on to the dance floor. It turns out booking your favourite Italian as your wedding reception venue pays off immensely.

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